Vorkai concept.jpg
Concept art
Area(s) Ardenweald, Shadowlands

The vorkai are a ferocious dryad-like race native to Ardenweald. They serve as the realm's protectors and guardians and make up the bulk of the Winter Queen's Wild Hunt, who safeguard the domain against those seeking to bring imbalance. During the anima drought, it has fallen to the vorkai to enact the Winter Queen's decrees of which groves to save and which ones to let wither.[1]


  • Concept art refers to them as Ardenweald dryads.[2]
  • The vorkai were designed by character artist Ariel Fain. Since the game already has a lot of creatures with similar "centaur" anatomy, Fain found it an interesting challenge to establish a fresh look for the vorkai. She gave them large horns inspired by the ibex, which broke up the silhouette and added a sense of power.[3]



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