Image of Vorpalia
Title <Mythic Nathrian Weaponsmith>
Gender Female/Sword
Race(s) Living sword (Uncategorized)
Level 57-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sinfall, Revendreth

Vorpalia is the seemingly sentient blade of Prince Renathal, kept at Sinfall after her master was flung into the Maw. Vorpalia is similar to Remornia, which is the blade of Denathrius. Unlike Remornia, who seemingly only cares about causing havoc and carnage, Vorpalia seems to care greatly about her master's wellbeing. After Renathal was banished to the Maw, she stayed by the inactive portal until help arrived in the form of the Maw Walker.[1] She led the adventurer to find Renathal and freed both him and his followers.[2][3] Prince Renathal wielded Vorpalia when battling Denathrius, but Remornia proved too fast and powerful to be countered, and Renathal dropped her as he collapsed from his injuries.[4]

She could later be found in Sinfall.


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Item Cost
 [Barbed-Edge of the Stone Legion]
 [Bulwark of the Stone Legion]
 [Claws of the Stone Generals]
 [Crimson Court Backstabber]
 [Dread Inquisitor's Spine]
 [Dredbat Repeating Crossbow]
 [Dredfang Ironspitter]
 [Dredwing Barbed Swordbreaker]
 [Hungering Ritualist's Animablade]
 [Legion General's Glaivewing]
 [Mace of Enveloping Sins]
 [Master Stonewright's Chisel]
 [Nathrian Assassin's Backbiter]
 [Nathrian Crusader's Bastard Sword]
 [Nathrian Duelist's Fleshrender]
 [Nathrian Torchbearer's Stave]
 [Rod of the Stone Sentinels]
 [Sinbearer's Absolution Staff]
 [Sinstealer's Sentencing Gavel]
 [Stoneborn Goliath's Cleaver]
 [Stoneborn Terrorblade]
 [Stonewright's Infused Stonecarver]
 [Stonewrought Gargoyles Barrier]
 [Talons of the Legion Generals]
 [Torch of Fiery Atonement]
 [Wingdancer's Warglaive]


  • Ability meleedamage.png  Overpower — Overpower the enemy, dealing 6 Physical damage. Cannot be blocked, dodged, or parried. 
  • Ability whirlwind.png  Whirlwind — Inflicts Physical damage to all enemies within 8 yards. 


Objective of



  • Oh good, I have need of your hands.
  • I hope you are handy.
  • A body? Good, that should prove useful.
  • Are you objectifying me?!
  • My curves are lethal!
  • For Price Renathal!
  • Keep your edge razor-sharp.
  • No one will come between me and my prince again. No one...


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Notes and trivia

  • Vorpalia's generic name is Animated Weapon.
  • Her name is likely a reference to the vorpal sword from Through the Looking-Glass by Carroll.
  • It is unknown why Vorpalia did not attack Denathrius on her own after Renathal was being held by the throat during N [60] The Master of Lies. It is possible she did not want to make any sudden moves when Denathrius could so easily kill her prince.
  • She uses the same appearance as  [Sin's Ebon Edge].

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