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Tranquil Grazer

An adult vorquin.

Grazer Foal

A vorquin foal.

Tranquil Grazer (alpha)

Alpha model.

The vorquin are quadrupedal dragonkin native to the Dragon Isles. They serve as the racial mounts of the dracthyr and are respected for their resilience in battle, even against dragonfire.[1] The more powerful armored vorquin are trained using ancient dracthyr methods and embody the pinnacle of tactical mounted ground warfare.[2]

As a hunter pet[]

Main article: Stag

Vorquin are tamable as part of the stag hunter pet family but require Lesser Dragonkin Taming, even though they aren't part of the Lesser Dragonkin hunter pet family.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Inv misc questionmark [Coal-Fired Rib Rack] is made from vorquin.
  • The vorquin are based on the qilin, a Chinese mythical creature that resembles a hybrid between a dragon and a horse and is sometimes known colloquially in the west as a "Chinese unicorn". The vorquin model is internally named "kirin", which is the Japanese and Korean name for the qilin. They are the second Warcraft creature to be based on the qilin after the Ability mount swiftwindsteed [Swift Windsteed], and possibly third if the cloudstriders are counted (cloudstriders used the Swift Windsteed's model as placeholders in alpha).
  • Their model originally looked slightly different during the Dragonflight beta, with lighter horn textures, longer ears, and different snout and eye textures.[3]


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