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For the statue depicting him, see Keeper Vorrik.
Image of Vorrik
Title Keeper[1]
Gender Male
Race Sethrak (Humanoid)
Level 30-60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Keepers, Devoted
Occupation Leader of the Devoted
Location Vol'dun
Status Alive

Vorrik is one of the Keepers, a trio of sethrak responsible for protecting Mythrax the Unraveler's tomb of Atul'Aman, and once co-ruled the sethrak with his fellow Keeper Korthek. When Korthek betrayed his duty as a Keeper, declared himself emperor, and sought to unleash Mythrax to conquer Zandalar, Vorrik and his followers — known as the Devoted — remained loyal to their loa Sethraliss and have been fighting Korthek's Faithless ever since.


After Mythrax was defeated and buried beneath Atul'Aman by the loa Sethraliss, the sethrak knew that something had to be done to prevent anyone from raising the Unraveler again.[2] Sulthis called upon Vorrik and Korthek to aid him in creating a barrier around Atul'Aman, and they agreed. Thus, the Keepers were formed, and together they cast a barrier to seal away Atul'Aman. Each Keeper created a keystone imbued with their power, to ensure that the tomb would remain undisturbed.[1][2][3]

Vorrik was regarded for being just, faithful, and firm, known for his profound and unwavering service to Sethraliss as well as his wisdom and clarity of vision.[1] In those days, Vorrik, Korthek,[4] and Sulthis[5] led all sethrak in their worship of Sethraliss. Vorrik had a personal sanctum hidden away in the hills, where he could meditate.[4]

Eventually, Keeper Korthek grew hungry for war and plotted to unearth Mythrax and use him as a weapon to conquer Zandalar. He soon raised an army of like-minded sethrak known as the Faithless that began slaughtering those who opposed them, including Sulthis, and forced Vorrik and other Devoted still loyal to Sethraliss out of their home and into hiding. The Devoted have been fighting the Faithless ever since,[2] with the Faithless hunting for Vorrik and his key.[5]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Around the time that Alliance forces arrive in Vol'dun and take control of Shatterstone Harbor, Vorrik is captured by the Faithless and held captive alongside the Alliance soldier Private James. He sneaks his keystone into James' pocket, ensuring that the Faithless don't find it when they search Vorrik himself.[5] Vorrik is subsequently beaten[6] and poisoned by krolusk venom[7] before being cast aside[5] and left for dead in Bonetrail Gulch.[6]

Shortly after, an Alliance adventurer and Sergeant Ermey come across Vorrik in their search for James[8] and create an antivenom that restores the sethrak's health.[9] Thankful for the rescue, Vorrik tells the two Alliance members that his people will aid in searching for James. The trio subsequently ride to the Terrace of the Devoted on the back of Vorrik's pterrordax, with Vorrik explaining the history of the sethrak along the way, but upon arrval they find that the terrace is under attack from the Faithless.[5] Vorrik asks the adventurer to break the Faithless' ranks[10] and destroy their siege equipment,[11] while Ermey sends the hero to rescue James from Faithless captivity.[12] Afterward, James returns the keystone to Vorrik, who explains the story of Sethraliss and Mythrax, the formation of the Keepers, and Korthek's betrayal.[3] Shaken by the information, Ermey, James, and the Alliance hero leave to report back to High Commander Wyrmbane.[13]

Some time later, Vorrik is taken captive by the Faithless who are still attacking the Terrace of the Devoted, but he is quickly rescued by a Horde adventurer who arrives at the sanctuary with Serrik and the two Zandalari trolls Warguard Rakera and Bladeguard Kaja.[14] The adventurer reveals to Vorrik that they had earlier obtained Sulthis' Keystone from the ruins of Zul'Ahjin. Vorrik tells the adventurer, Rakera, and Kaja the history of the sethrak before placing Sulthis' keystone next to his own recently-returned key.[2]

Though Vorrik has long held out hope of being able to convince Korthek peacefully to abandon his heresy, he resolves that all of Zandalar remains at risk as long as Korthek and his allies hold even one key to Mythrax's prison. After asking Kaja and Rakera to stay at the Sanctuary and guard the keystones, Vorrik and the adventurer travel north to sneak into Korthek's fortress and confront the "emperor" together.[15] However, upon reaching Vorrik's old sanctum, they discover that it has been claimed by the adventurer's old friends, the vulpera, who are in the process of fighting the Faithless and rescuing vulpera slaves.[4] Vorrik asks to take a few moments to meditate and gather his thoughts, and in the meantime sends the hero to aid the vulpera Nisha in sowing chaos among the Faithless at the Crater of Conquerors in order to distract Korthek's minions.[16] When the adventurer returns, Vorrik sends them to the Crackling Ridge above, where the Faithless are subjugating the native pterrordax. Vorrik asks the hero to empower his staff by draining power from the Faithless' suppression spires as well as gather lightning bombs from the Faithless skycallers, all while he recruits the aid of the pterrordax leader Rakjan the Unbroken.[17][18]

In order to lure Korthek out from his stolen temple, Vorrik and the champion ride Rakjan through the skies and create chaos among the Faithless army, with the adventurer throwing lightning bombs while Vorrik uses his charged staff to blast the Faithless armies. After Vorrik destroys a barrier blocking the way to the temple, Rakjan drops his two passengers off at the Skycallers' Spire to join up with the vulpera.[19] Despite this, however, Korthek remains in hiding. While Vorrik drains power from the immense crystals around the terrace, he sends the adventurer to thin the Faithless' numbers[20] as well as rescue a number of ancient relics from the Faithless so that they can be preserved in the Sanctuary of the Devoted.[21] Shortly after, Korthek finally emerges, allowing Vorrik, the adventurer, and Nisha to engage him in battle. However, during the fight, the emperor reveals that his ally General Jakra'zet already has Korthek's keystone and has by now likely retrieved Sulthis and Vorrik's stones as well. Eventually, Korthek is defeated and tells Vorrik that he never forced any of the sethrak to follow him and that their people are conquerors. Vorrik replies that "Our people are dead, because of you", then kills the emperor.[22]

Vorrik and the adventurer hurry back to the Sanctuary of the Devoted to find that Korthek was speaking the truth and that Jakra'zet and his troops stole the keystones while Vorrik was away.[23] Vorrik and the hero continue to Atul'Aman to catch up with Kaja and Rakera, who have chased after the general.[24] After rescuing the two trolls from strange tentacles in the crypts below Atul'Aman,[25] the group confronts Jakra'zet deeper in the crypt. After a battle, the general is mortally wounded, but before Kaja has a chance to kill him, the general leaps into the nearby pit, sacrificing himself to enable Mythrax's resurrection. The group barely escapes Atul'Aman with their lives after the C'Thrax rises from the pit.[26] Back at the Sanctuary of the Devoted, Vorrik states that they cannot let Mythrax unleash his destruction upon the world once more and that they need Sethraliss' aid more than ever. However, the loa has yet to be reborn, and so Vorrik sends adventurers into the Temple of Sethraliss to investigate. The heroes eventually restore Sethraliss' avatar, who then joins Vorrik, Kaja, and Rakera at the Sanctuary.[27]


  • Spell nature lightningbolt Shock — Shocks the target for Nature damage.
  • Spell nature corrosivebreath Venomous Spit — The caster spits venom at the target, poisoning them for Nature damage every 3 sec for 9 sec.
Alliance War Campaign buff
  • Poisoned - Afflicted with toxic venom.


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Main article: The Fall of Emperor Korthek
Temple of Sethraliss intro
This temple is the resting place of Sethraliss, a powerful loa that protected my people from destruction long ago.
She sacrificed herself to stop Mythrax... but with her death, the jungles of Vol'dun withered to sand.
The time of her rebirth has passed, and now I fear something is preventing her from returning.


At the Sanctuary of the Devoted
The Faithless will not take this temple.
Gossip Who are the Faithless?
The Faithless are a force of militant sethrak, led by Emperor Korthek.
Long ago, we all lived as one, as Sethraliss would have wanted.
Since Korthek's betrayal, the Faithless have brought war upon these lands.
They will not stop until they have conquered the world.
Gossip Who is Sethraliss?
Sethraliss is our beloved loa.
When Mythrax ravaged our lands and threatened to wipe us from existence, it was she who stopped him, giving her life to save ours.
Unlike the Faithless, we still feel her presence, and believe that one day she will be returned to us.
Gossip Who is Korthek?
He calls himself Emperor Korthek, but long ago he was one of the Keepers, entrusted to protect the tomb.
His hunger for war goes against everything our loa stands for, yet he denounces and defies her by raising an army that plans to conquer all of Zuldazar.
Gossip Who are the Keepers?
Sulthis was the very first Keeper. He needed me and Korthek to help him seal Mythrax's corpse within the great pyramid.
Together, we cast a barrier, sealing the corpse of Mythrax within.
Each of us created a key, imbued with our power, to ensure that the tomb would remain undisturbed.
At Vorrik's Sanctum
So much has changed since the days when Korthek and I would teach the wisdom of Sethraliss together in this place...
Now the holy sites lie in ruins and Sethraliss is, at best, forgotten. More often, reviled.
Korthek... What have you done to our people, old friend?
At Rakjan's Peak
Rakjan appears willing to aid us, and it is easy to see why.
The Faithless have been cruel to him and his brood. Look at the scars on his body and empty perches on his peak.
He deserves vengeance as much as any of us do. We will earn it together.
At Skycallers' Spire
I will need incredible power to face Korthek in battle. He was always the better fighter between us.
I will drain everything I can from these crystals and let us pray it is enough.

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