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Gender Male
Race Goblin
Location Unknown
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Voyd was one of two goblins hired by Kryll to work for Deathwing.


While in mid-flight with their zeppelin, Nullyn and Voyd wanted to play a ‘game’ with Rhonin by making him believe they had reached their destination. Rhonin was unaware of this due to the thick mist, yet still hesitated. Deathwing responded to the goblins' efforts to trick Rhonin by grabbing Nullyn by the throat and almost killing him, while Voyd ran to the engine to cower in fear. Deathwing wanted no trickery, as Rhonin still served a purpose in his dark designs.

After delivering Rhonin to the mountaintop with no further games, they flew away. Deathwing obliterated the zeppelin with a stream of pure fire, igniting the oil onboard. Their fate is unknown but they are presumed dead since screams were heard from the zeppelin when it was set afire.[1]


  • The two goblins' names combined, Nullyn and Voyd, spell out "null and void". An example of Blizzard humor.