Vrykul is the language of the vrykul race.[1] The Broken Isles vrykul speak a slightly different dialect than the Northrend vrykul do.[2]

Captain Adams notes that the "Gj" in "Gjalerbron" is pronounced as if it were an "Sh".[3]

Vrykul primer (official translations)

  • Geirrivif = Spear-Wife.[4] (Additionally, geirr is Old Norse for spear, and vif is wife.)
  • Rualg nja gaborr! = Stand and die![5]
  • Tirisfal = Tyr's Fall.[6]
  • Ugglin oo bjorr![7] = Speak or perish![5]
  • Valhalas = Halls of Valor.[8] Also the name of an Ymirjar arena in Icecrown.
  • Var-jogg gramalch! = Kill them all![9]
  • Wyrgn ak! = Sniveling pig![10]
  • Yrkvinn = A practitioner of illusions.[11]

Untranslated words or phrases

Translation speculation

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • "Bjarn", often refers to "Bear"
  • "Bjarngrim = "Bjarngrímur" in Icelandic.
  • "Bjorns mottar haelgond sygar!", which closely resembles the Icelandic phrase, "Bjorns móðir, Haelgond, sýgur!", which means: "Bjorn's mother, Haelgond, sucks!"
  • "Dottar" = "Daughter"
  • "Mottar" = "Mother"


It is possible that the Common language originated from or is a dialect of the Vrykul language, as many words are similar. However it should be noted that Common shares many of the same words from Gnome and Dwarven languages as well which would imply a possible connection to the Titan language.


  • Much like other parts of vrykul culture, their language is heavily based on Scandinavian languages, particularly Old Norse. Bjorn, Ingvar, and most other vrykul names are actually Scandinavian and Icelandic names, and their language also looks a lot like Icelandic, which can be partly understood by Icelandic players.