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For the fox in Suramar, see Volpin.
Vulpine Familiar
Vulpin Stalker
Foothills Kit

Vulpin are fox-like creatures native to the Shadowlands that can be found in Ardenweald and Bastion.[1] Vulpin are very elusive: one may journey in Bastion for millennia before they encounter vulpin in the wild. Although they are predators, instead of the largest fangs or claws, they employ stealth and cunning when hunting. This also makes it quite difficult to hunt one. Vulpin are able to use anima to bolster these abilities, allowing them to reinforce their fur, increase their speed, and even veil themselves completely from sight. Their flowing tails are very valued for alchemical pursuits.[2] Vulpin can instantly teleport between the realms of the Shadowlands.[3]



As a mount[]

Main article: Fox mounts

As a companion pet[]

Notes and trivia[]

  • Ability nightfae flicker [Soulshape] lets players aligned with the Night Fae Covenant turn into a vulpin.
  • Red-furred vulpin can often be considered a sign of distress when born into a golden-furred family.[4]
  • Golden vulpin are known for their loud, echoing howls.[5]
  • They have light-colored skin that their thick coats can prevent from showing through.[6]
  • The Verdant Kits of Ardenweald are infused with the essence of rebirth.


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