Image of Vydhar
Gender Male
Race Vrykul (Elemental)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Runewood, Stormheim[68, 54]
Status Alive

Vydhar was a vrykul turned into a tree located in the Runewood in Stormheim. He was transformed with the help of the Highmountain tauren many ages ago, his wisdom made eternal.[1] During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the Bonespeakers twisted the woods around him, severely weakening the tree sage. He was rescued by the arrival of a hero sent by Havi, seeking to fulfill their Trial of Valor.[2] After the hero rescued him from the Bonespeakers, Vydhar agreed to help them speak to the spirits of ancient vrykul rulers if they could gather an aromatic to burn and an offering to present to them.[3][4][5] He then pointed the heroes to the ancient kings, but not before asking that the heroes lay the spirits of disturbed vrykul ancestors to rest for their own judgment.[6]

He would later ask heroes to rescue captive Highmountain tauren from the Tideskorn in Hrydshal, as they were the descendents of the ones who transformed him years ago.[1]




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  • All in good time.
  • What is it you seek?
  • I have missed quite a conversation.
  • Contemplate the leaves, my friend.
  • The woods protect you.



I feel footsteps... but they are not familiar...

Stranger... you must help...


Many seasons have I slumbered.

It is good to smell the Runewood air again.

Notes and trivia

  • Vydhar is the second known character to have been transformed into a tree, the first being Xavius.
  • Vydhar is voiced by John de Lancie.

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