Image of Vyraz
Title Margrave, Baron
Gender Male
Race Maldraxxi gladiator (Humanoid)
Level 50-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of the Chosen, Mawsworn
House of Constructs, House of Rituals (allied)
Occupation Leader of the House of the Chosen
Location House of the Chosen and Spearhead, Maldraxxus; Helgarde Keep, the Maw[61.4, 41.4]
Status Killable

“Foolish Mograine, always valuing loyalty over might. But victory lies in one's choice of allies. And with their help, I now claim the mantle of margrave!”

— Vyraz to Alexandros Mograine[1]

Margrave Vyraz was the self-proclaimed ruler of Maldraxxus' House of the Chosen. Originally known as Baron Vyraz, he served under Margrave Krexus as one of the house's two barons, but later revealed himself to be a traitor working with the Mawsworn and their allies, killed Krexus, and took control of the house. He subsequently stationed himself with Helya in the Maw, but was slain by Baroness Draka and her allies during the covenants' attack on Desmotaeron.


Against the Constructs

As a baron of the Chosen, Vyraz earned countless victories for Maldraxxus,[2] but he was long secretly in league with the House of Constructs and House of Rituals.[1] At some point he betrayed his fellow baron Alexandros Mograine and trapped him in the Maw,[3] but he kept up appearances with the Chosen and continued to serve alongside Mograine's replacement, Baroness Draka.

After the Maw Walker arrived at the House of the Chosen, Draka sent them to report to Vyraz and prepare for war with the rival houses.[2] Vyraz tasked the Maw Walker with rooting out spies among the Chosen ranks[4] and deliver orders to Head Summoner Perex, Drill Sergeant Telice, and Secutor Mevix.[5] After the Maw Walker obtained a runeblade with runes corresponding to those on the Seat of the Primus, Margrave Krexus sent the outsider, Draka, and Vyraz to investigate the Seat. The blade proved to be a key to the fortress, but Vyraz insisted that unlocking the Seat wouldn't do the Chosen any good if they lost the war against the other houses. He told the Maw Walker to report to him at the Spearhead,[6] where the Chosen were mounting a defense against the House of Constructs' vanguard. Vyraz advocated for a reckless full-scale assault on the Constructs, claiming that the sacrifice of Chosen soldiers was the price of victory.[7][8] The Maw Walker and Secutor Mevix managed to push back the constructs and secure a forward position, after which Vyraz ordered them to launch a direct attack on the Constructs' stronghold, ignoring Mevix's protests that they needed more reinforcements.[9] The subsequent attack resulted in most of the Chosen forces being killed and Mevix and the Maw Walker getting captured,[10] but they later managed to fight their way out and return to the Seat of the Primus.[11]

Betraying Krexus

While Draka and the Maw Walker were away, Vyraz worked with the House of Constructs to launch a fierce attack on the House of the Chosen and kill Margrave Krexus. When Draka and the hero returned, he blamed the attack on the Constructs. Draka argued that the Chosen now had to open the Seat of the Primus if they were to have any hope of victory, but Vyraz insisted that the Seat was a fool's errand and that the Chosen instead had to gather their mightiest soldiers. He sent the Maw Walker to rescue the missing Alexandros Mograine from the Maw,[12][13] believing that the hero wouldn't survive the journey.[14] The Maw Walker defied the baron's expectations by successfully rescuing Mograine, who revealed that Vyraz was a traitor.[15]

While Draka returned to the Seat of the Primus to warn their allies, Alexandros and the hero returned to the House of the Chosen to confront Vyraz, an act which ignited the final rune on the Maw Walker's blade. When Vyraz emerged, he declared that he claimed the mantle of margrave and that he would take the runeblade from the hero's corpse. Vyraz and his guards began overpowering Alexandros and the hero, but Draka interrupted the battle to bring her two allies to defend the Seat of the Primus from the Constructs and Vyraz's Chosen.[1] The Maw Walker used the completed runeblade to open the door into the Seat and cause the Primus' power to cut a swath of destruction through Vyraz's forces, forcing them to retreat.[16]

However, although the Maw Walker's allies won the battle, Vyraz remained in control of most of the Chosen, whom he enticed with promises of chaos and power.[17] Now known as Margrave Vyraz, he later observed the fighting in the Theater of Pain alongside Margrave Sin'dane and Margrave Gharmal. After the defeat of Kel'Thuzad—the original instigator of Maldraxxus' unrest—Alexandros reminded his necrolord allies that Vyraz still had to answer for his treachery.[18]

Chains of Domination

Vyraz and Helya in Helgarde Keep.

Vyraz empowered by Helya's boon.

Vyraz and his loyalists openly sided with the Jailer and moved to Desmotaeron in the Maw, a fortress held by the Jailer's servant Helya. Some of Vyraz's soldiers were unhappy with this move, but those who questioned him too openly were punished by being "reassigned". Vyraz himself spent most of his time with Helya in Helgarde Keep, the upper part of the fortress.[17] During these events, he is once again called "Baron" Vyraz rather than "Margrave". No explanation is given for this change in title.

After the return of the Primus, he declared that the covenants had to deal with Helya and Vyraz in order to continue holding their position in Korthia. He observed that the Jailer's lieutenants had grown lax in their sense of safety and sent Draka, Thrall, and a Maw Walker to carry out a quick surprise attack and "cut the heads off [the] snakes".[19] While the Zerekriss and the four covenants attacked lower Desmotaeron, Draka, Thrall, and the Maw Walker slipped into Helgarde Keep, where Vyraz was trying to convince Helya that they needed reinforcements. The sea witch empowered Vyraz with her magic, but the Primus teleported in and gave Draka his own blessing to match. This allowed the baroness and her allies to kill Vyraz, thereby avenging Krexus' murder and ending the last of Maldraxxus' traitorous house leaders.[20]


N [54] In Death We Are Truly Tested
  • Ability warrior charge.png  Charge — Reduces the movement speed of the target by 70% for 1 sec. Charges to an enemy.
  • Inv knife 1h cataclysm b 01.png  Hew — Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy.
  • Spell necro undyingrelentlessness.png  Unholy Bulwark — Summons an Unholy shield, deflecting all ranged attacks and spells and blocking all melee attacks from the front.
  • Warrior skullbanner.png  Vicious Warbanner — Plants a Warbanner, increasing damage of allies done by 20%.
  • Ability warrior trauma.png  Warlord's Slam — Vyraz slams the ground, inflicting Physical damage to players in a line in front of him.
N [60] A Traitor's Due
  • Achievement boss yoggsaron 01.png  Helya's Boon — Baron Vyraz uses Helya's power to summon a ghostly tentacle, inflicting Frost damage and knocking back all players in the summoning area.
  • Spell necro undyingrelentlessness.png  Unholy Bulwark — Summons an Unholy shield, deflecting all ranged attacks and spells and blocking all melee attacks from the front.


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To Boneplated Veterans at the Spearhead
  • Clear the road for reinforcements! Defeat is not an option!
  • Get those siegecrafters firing at will! If we have to hit our own troops, so be it!
  • Lead the vanguard and earn your glory!
  • Reinforce our flank! We will not be outmaneuvered!
  • Strike them down! Accept nothing but victory!
  • The constructs are harrying our back line! Destroy them!


  • Make it quick.
  • Out with it!
  • Speak, soldier!
  • Back to your post.
  • Bring glory to the Chosen.
  • You have your orders.


House of the Chosen
Speak up, recruit!
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We will crush their lines through sheer force!

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