NeutralWaking Shores
Dragonflight cinematic - Waking Shores.jpg
Races Red dragonflight Red dragonflight
Black dragonflight Black dragonflight
16px16px Djaradin
Gorloc Gorloc
TrollTroll Troll
Ruler(s) IconSmall Alexstrasza.gif Alexstrasza
Location Dragon Isles

The Waking Shores are a zone on the Dragon Isles and the ancestral home of the red and black dragonflights. A wild, untamed land rife with elemental magic, the Waking Shores are the first zone that players see when they arrive to the Isles with a joint Explorers' League-Reliquary expedition. In the zone there are gorlocs and trolls.[1] The shores are named this way because the area and its elements are literally waking up after thousands of years of inactivity.

The zone storyline sees Alexstrasza summoning the Alliance and Horde to aid the red flight against the native Djaradin, while Wrathion seeks to reclaim the Obsidian Citadel of the black flight from enemy hands[2] and come to terms with the state of his ruined flight.[1]



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