The Walk of Elders.

Walk of Elders is the outermost area of Silvermoon City, just beyond the Shepherd's Gate.

At its southern end, east of the gate is the Silvermoon Registry, where guild charters may be bought and registered, and where guild tabards may be designed and purchased. Further east are the skinning and leatherworking trainers. At the north end of the eastern side of the Walk, near the gate to The Royal Exchange, are the first aid and fishing trainers, as well as a fishing supply vendor.

The western side of the walk runs north from Shepherd's Gate past the Wayfarer's Rest Tavern, one of Silvermoon's two inns, which also connects to The Bazaar. North of the inn is a shop housing a wands vendor and a reagents vendor. At the northernmost end of the Walk, between the gate to the Bazaar and that leading to Murder Row, is a small encampment where the druid and shaman trainers can be found.



Excluding the above areas: