AllianceWalking-Around Money
Start Leo Shealds
End Small Coin Bag
Level 30-50
Type Weekly
Category Stormsong Valley
Reputation +10 Storm's Wake
Rewards  [Tiny Coin Purse]
Previous A [30-50] All Laid Out For Us


Accept the money.


This is a lot of gold! It's gonna take me a while to split this up. I can give you some walking-around money to hold you over until I am done.

Come back tomorrow, maybe I will have it figured out.


You will receive:


<A small advance from Leo, against my share of the loot.>


This is a weekly quest. The  [Tiny Coin Purse] contains roughly 20g and the  [Note From Leo].


Optional breadcrumb from Eckhart Lodge: A [30-50] Reloading

  1. A [30-50] Break 'Em Out & A [30-50] Iron Low Tide & A [30-50] Two Faced Pirate Scum
  2. A [30-50] Treasure Hunting
  3. A [30-50] Bomb Beats Rock & A [30-50] Anchors Aweigh Too Much & A [30-50] Not On Our Payroll & A [30-50] Fun With Magnets
  4. A [30-50] Share the Wealth
  5. A [30-50] Don't Turtle
  6. A [30-50] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm
  7. A [30-50] No Bot Left Behind
  8. A [30-50] Cave Commotion
  9. A [30-50] All Laid Out For Us
  10. Optional follow-up: A [30-50W] Walking-Around Money

Outbound breadcrumb to Seabreeze Village: A [30-50] Helping Out, Somewhere Else

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