Waning Glacier

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The Waning Glacier.

The Waning Glacier is an area in northwestern Tiragarde Sound. It serves as the home for a pack of Snowpelt wolves, groups of penguins and, most importantly, an ever-expanding host of yeti led by the fierce Whompus. The latter predators threaten the gryphon-taming camps and travelers below their frigid abode. A handful of hawks also nest in the slopes.

A Horde flight point is hidden on the western side of the area, nestled between a small rise and the slopes themselves; some of the Snowpelt wolves serve as unknowing sentinels to this simple camp.


  • Atop the peak that shadows the glacier are the skeletons of a Second War orcish dragon rider; the mount was injured by artillery bolts than remain in its bones despite the ravaging winds, and both drake and rider perished in the snow.