Waning Hope

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AllianceWaning Hope
Start Maiev Shadowsong
End Maiev Shadowsong
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Tyrande's Vengeance
Experience 8,950
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous A [50] On Whispered Winds
Next A [50] Shores of Fate


View Tyrande's audience with Anduin Wrynn.


The kaldorei have been steadfast members of the Alliance since the end of the Third War. We have fought on distant shores and even on different worlds without protest.

It is curious that in our moment of need, their resources are stretched too thin to lend so much as a single blade.

Wrynn has already denied Tyrande aid. Witness it for yourself.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


This will not stand.


Nothing a human king says will deter Tyrande now, but he still has the chance to act.


On accept:

Anduin Wrynn says: Velen, please share what happened with <name>.

Talk to Velen.

  • It is good to see you again, <name>. Your aid on Argus has not been forgotten. (To players who have done the Argus storyline.)
  • Good tidings, <name>. (To players who didn't quest through Argus.)
Gossip Please show me what happened.

A cutscene plays.

Anduin Wrynn says: I wish things were different, High Priestess. But with the war raging in both Arathi and Zandalar, an assault on Darkshore would stretch us too thin.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: My people need action, not excuses! We will not languish in Stormwind while the Horde defiles our lands!
Anduin Wrynn says: I vow we will recover Teldrassil before the war is over. But we face dwindling resources and rising casualties. If I can ask for your patience for a while longer--
Tyrande Whisperwind says: No. We will reclaim our home now.
Anduin Wrynn says: Tyrande...
Tyrande turns away from the table.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: We shall have vengeance for the slain, and show Sylvanas that she has not won! And if the Alliance will not aid us...we shall do so alone.
Tyrande leaves.

The cutscene ends.

Sira Moonwarden says: Tyrande left for Darkshore ahead of our army. She intends to wrest it from the Horde herself.
Anduin sighs.
Anduin Wrynn says: I see.
Anduin Wrynn says: <Name>, our forces in Zuldazar have not yet begun their assault. With your aid, we may be able to succeed on both fronts.


  1. A [50] On Whispered Winds
  2. A [50] Waning Hope
  3. A [50] Shores of Fate
  4. A [50] No Survivors & A [50] Hope
  5. A [50] In Darkest Night (grants Alliance [In Teldrassil's Shadow])
  6. A [50] We Are Coming

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