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Image of Wanyo
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Occupation Fisherman
Location Wandering Isle
Status Alive

Wanyo is a pandaren on the Wandering Isle. He vanished long ago and was thought dead, but in truth had been swallowed by Shen-zin Su.


Pearl of Pandaria[]

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On a fishing trip that took him far from the Wandering Isle, Wanyo pulled up a murloc holding a large pearl which the murloc gave him. The naga Zhahara Darksquall arrived and attacked Wanyo to get the pearl from him, but a large fish swam up beneath his boat and carried the pandaren to safety. However, the fish led Wanyo right into the mount of the great turtle Shen-zin Su. He spent the next few years inside of the turtle, looking into the pearl daily and the orb would show him the best fishing spots inside Shen-zin Su.[1]

Quest for Pandaria[]

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Years later, the pearl showed Wanyo an image of him sailing back to town and he decided to leave. Shen-zin Su coughed out Wanyo, his boat, and the pearl. Miraculously still alive, he happily greeted Li Li Stormstout when she saw him from the edge of the Wandering Isle. That night, Wanyo met with the elders of the island including Mei, Chon Po, and Chen, telling them the story of his contact with Zhahara. Wanyo turned over the pearl to the elders, and they decided to keep it in the Wandering Isle's library.[2]