Introduced in Battle for Azeroth, players can assign their followers to complete missions that vary in duration from their War Campaign Ship. Once assigned to a mission, followers become unavailable for its duration and proceed unaccompanied. At the conclusion of a mission, players can learn the outcome by returning to the ship, where a mission report will be waiting. If successful, the report encloses a small reward that generally scales with mission duration and difficulty.


One of the main uses of followers is to send them on missions. Missions are special undertakings which the player can send groups of followers to fulfill, ranging from 2-minute quests to day-long raids featuring a full party of three followers.

Each mission has its own name, follower level (similar to player instances), specific duration, group size requirement, and other characteristics. Players can view available missions through the interface and choose which followers to send on a mission. Although normally independent from the gameplay, occasionally, missions are tied to the War Campaign questlines which also award additional followers. Storywise, War Campaign missions offer a glimpse to war effort in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

How to obtain

To unlock the missions, you need to start B [110 - 120] The War Campaign that leads to unlocking the Mission Command Table on your War Campaign Ship.

Mission types

Players can choose to send their followers on different types of missions:

  • Long Campaign - Increases success chance by 10% for every Troop vitality on the mission.
  • Stealth - Troops reduce success chance by 100%.
  • Quick Strike - Reducing the mission duration also increases success chance.
  • Elite Mission - Reduces mission success chance. Cannot be countered.
  • Deep Sea - Mission success chance reduced.


Successful missions reward experience for your followers, slowly increasing their level and improving their abilities, as well as actual player loot usable by the character:


To increase the likelihood of mission success, the player can select followers who are able to counter the abilities of the mission's target enemies. By default, followers can counter the specified threats. When hired or upgraded in quality, followers may gain additional counters.

Enemy troops are randomized.


New in Battle for Azeroth, a new type of missions is available. Alliance Vindicator Jaelaana and Horde Ransa Greyfeather offer items that grant missions upon which you unlock access to new faction outposts in areas of Zandalar and Kul Tiras as well as access for their upgrades.

Treasure missions

Completing A [10-50] Azerite for the Alliance / H [10-50] Azerite for the Horde has a chance to award special items that gain access to treasure missions with lucrative rewards.


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Mission list

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