The War Effort Advancements provide passive enhancements to certain aspects of the game in Battle for Azeroth. They can be researched from: Alliance Alleria Windrunner on the Wind's Redemption in Boralus and Horde Eitrigg on The Banshee's Wail in Dazar'alor.


The research time for each advancement requires a day to complete, except for the first one being four hours.

  • Row 1 (Cost: 15 War Resources)
    • Seafarer's Hearth
    • Swift Landing
  • Row 2 (Cost: 100 War Resources, requires three War Champions)
    • Upgraded Troop Barracks
    • Troop Portal Network
  • Row 4 (Cost: 150 War Resources, must have completed expeditions to five different islands)
    • Island Plunderer
    • Island Archeologist
  • Row 5 (Cost: 200 War Resources, requires five War Champions)
    • World Azerite Detector
    • Local Transportation
  • Row 6 (Cost: 250 War Resources)
    • Warfront Resourcer
    • Warfront General
  • Row 7 (Cost: 500 War Resources)
    • Horde Ambassador / Alliance Ambassador


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