War in Zandalar
Mythrax in Zuldazar.png
Part of The Blood War
Location Zandalar
Result Ongoing

Horde Horde


Mob G'huun's forces


Alliance Alliance

Commanders and leaders

Horde Horde


Mob G'huun's forces


Alliance Alliance

Casualties and losses

Horde Horde

  • Heavy

Mob G'huun's forces

  • Massive

Alliance Alliance

  • Moderate
Major Battles Zandalari civil war, Battle of Dazar'alor
Concurrent War in Kul Tiras

The war in Zandalar involves the forces of the Zandalari Empire, the blood trolls, the sethrak empire, and the Alliance.


War with the Alliance

The conflict started when the Alliance captured Princess Talanji, Zul and their battleship when the Zandalari delegation went to meet the Horde.[1] After escaping from the Stockades with the help of Horde heroes and adventurers, Talanji sailed to her homeland of Zandalar, pursued by a fleet of the 7th Legion. As the humans were about to get to her, the princess summoned the help of the loa Rezan to clear a path for them. The timely arrival of the Golden Fleet then finally destroyed the human ships, leaving a single boat to escape to report to the Alliance leadership what happened there.[2][3]

The human survivors, led by Brigadier Thom, washed upon Zuldazar's coast at Talanji's Rebuke and built up a camp at Castaway Encampment. Zandalari infantry tracked them down, helped by freshly-arrived Forsaken soldiers.[4] The Wind's Redemption was sent by the Alliance to evacuate the survivors,[5] having to destroy a Horde blockade led by a Forsaken officer. The Wind's Redemption also carried a joint Explorers' League/Dark Iron expedition led by Anvil-Thane Thurgaden that was sent to mine Azerite at Xibala, but the goblins of the Horde arrived soon after and chased them out. After the Dark Iron shaman were saved from the mole machines they were trapped in,[6] they summoned a great magma giant from the Firelands and razed down the Cartel army occupying Bilgewater Bonanza,[7] which didn't stop the goblins from eventually coming back.

Uninterested in Azerite, the dwarves of the Explorers' League engaged themselves in an archeological competition over the Breath and Eye of Xibala with the Reliquary. The Explorers themselves were supported by their Dark Iron brethren while the blood elves were with the nightborne.

The bodies of the Bilgewater goblins were still smoking when conflict resumed between their reinforcements and freshly-arrived void elf invaders. The elves were not here for the Azerite the goblins sought, however, for they were truly interested in finding and murdering Jastor Gallywix, a financial supporter of the Horde's war campaign. The goblin himself was busy looting the gold of Atal'Dazar with his thieves, escaping through a teleporter to his pleasure palace when found by Umbric. Even then, Gallywix got away through the use of an impersonator.


The Wind's Redemption later sailed to Vol'dun, seeking to establish a beachhead. The boat sent its marines down to capture Shatterstone Harbor, which was recently taken from the vulpera by the Faithless sethrak. Despite the losses, the marines managed to take the area thanks to their naval artillery support.[8] When a reckless Sergeant Ermey went on a mission to save a captured soldier, he made acquaintance with Vorrik of the Devoted sethrak, leading to the two factions helping each other.[9] At the Terrace of the Devoted, the Alliance learned about the story of Vol'dun and the current whereabouts of the sethrak civil war. After that, the Wind's Redemption returned to Boralus, leaving Magister Umbric in charge of the area.[10]

When the Alliance later came back, they came for High Examiner Arlethal Sunwatcher of the Reliquary. The Alliance troops bombed several archeological dig sites and murdered the expedition leader, also making the grim discovery that a San'layn Blood Prince seemed to now be serving the Horde.


The Alliance had sent Captain Conrad and her troops in advance in order to create Fort Victory and try to make allies of the local blood trolls, unsavory friends but still opponents to the Zandalari Empire and their Horde associates. Brann Bronzebeard and John J. Keeshan were then sent later to check on them. Surprisingly the blood trolls had agreed to a trade agreement, asking for people to be sent to them with offerings through giant bats to Zalamar.[11]

Brann was dubious about the deal; and for the right reasons: it quickly turned out that the Alliance representatives were actually the offerings themselves, sacrificed through blood rituals. The dwarf explorer managed to escape Hir'eek's Lair on a stolen bat.[12] An investigation at Zul'Nazman revealed that the blood trolls thought Conrad was a messenger from their blood god, and the captain, at first only willing to enforce the Alliance's goals, became enticed by their offer of unholy power and had joined them.[13] Brann went on to investigate the events of Uldir, and Keeshan was made new commander of Fort Victory.

Some times later, another expedition was sent to take down Ranger Captain Areiel under the order of Shandris Feathermoon, despite the two of them having worked together before. The Alliance adventurers saved tortollans captured by the blood trolls in order to find out the location of the Forsaken dark ranger. Areiel was to participate in a meeting alongside Talanji, Rokhan and Blood Prince Dreven, which sought to join the Horde with his vampiric brethren. Shandris tried to assassinate him too, but the Blood Prince managed to kill most of the ambushers and escape.


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