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For the war itself, see War of the Ancients.
War of the Ancients
War of the Ancients TCG
Publisher(s) Cryptozoic Entertainment
Type Standard
Release date October 2, 2012
Total cards 240
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
War of the Ancients TCG packaging art

War of the Ancients packaging art

War of the Ancients is the 19th normal TCG expansion. It is set 1 of the Timewalkers Block.

Loot cards[]

Set Details[]

Card Totals[]

The set contains 270 cards:

   * 88 Common
   * 80 Uncommon
   * 30 Hero
   * 60 Rare
   * 12 Epic

Hero cards, however, are not included in the set's numbering, being shared across the block.

Card Numbering[]

Card numbering will be done numerically, with no order of precedence.

Master Hero[]

Number Name Health Attack Type
1 Malorne the White Stag 38 2 Stag Beast Demigod


Number Name Type Class Spec Misc.
2 Beyond the Grave Ability Death Knight Unholy
3 Crushing Death Ability Death Knight Blood
4 Death's Decree Ability Death Knight Unholy
5 Despair of Winter Ability Death Knight Frost
6 Ebon Plague Ability Death Knight Unholy Disease
7 Festering Disease Ability Death Knight Unholy Disease
8 Frigid Frailty Ability Death Knight Frost
9 Ancient Bear Form Ability Druid Feral Form
10 Euphoria Ability Druid Balance
11 Lions, Tigers, and Bears Ability Druid Feral
12 Mark of Growth Ability Druid Restoration Attachment
13 Mark of Malorne Ability Druid Restoration Attachment
14 Wild Attunement Ability Druid Balance
15 Wild Seeds Ability Druid Balance
16 Arrowstorm Ability Hunter Marksmanship
17 Bear Trap Ability Hunter Survival Trap
18 Beast Mastery Ability Hunter Beast Mastery Talent
19 Endure Ability Hunter Survival
22 Arcane Potency Ability Mage Arcane
23 Arcane Unraveling Ability Mage Arcane
24 Conjure Elementals Ability Mage Frost
25 Firestorm Ability Mage Fire
26 Ice Prison Ability Mage Frost Attachment
27 Manaflow Ability Mage Arcane
28 Reckless Fireball Ability Mage Fire
29 Blessing of Vigilance Ability Paladin Protection Blessing Attachment
30 Crusader's Might Ability Paladin Retribution
31 Divinity Ability Paladin Protection Talent
32 Guardian of the Light Ability Paladin Protection
33 Hammer of Sanctity Ability Paladin Protection
34 Holy Ground Ability Paladin Holy
35 Shield of Light Ability Paladin Protection
36 Gifted Heal Ability Priest Holy
37 Guardian Spirit Ability Priest Holy Talent
38 Mind Crush Ability Priest Shadow
39 Power Word: Tenacity Ability Priest Discipline Attachment
40 Redeeming Dispell Ability Priest Discipline
41 Shadow Word: Devour Ability Priest Shadow Attachment
42 Spirit Shield Ability Priest Discipline
43 Devious Dismantle Ability Rogue Assassination
44 Guise of the Stalker Ability Rogue Subtlety Attachment
45 Hands of Deceit Ability Rogue Subtlety
46 Hidden Strike Ability Rogue Subtlety
47 Kiss of Death Ability Rogue Combat Finishing Move
48 Opportunity Ability Rogue Subtlety
49 Volatile Poison Ability Rogue Assassination Poison
50 Elemental Echo Ability Shaman Elemental Attachment
51 Elemental Purge Ability Shaman Restoration
52 Gale Force Ability Shaman Enhancement
53 Lava Strike Ability Shaman Enhancement
55 Spark of Rage Ability Shaman Enhancement
57 Call the Void Ability Warlock Demonology
58 Demonic Infusion Ability Warlock Demonology Attachment
60 Netherpocalypse Ability Warlock Destruction
61 Nightfall Ability Warlock Affliction Talent
63 Soul Trap Ability Warlock Destruction
64 Blind Rage Ability Warrior Fury Attachment
65 Bloodthirsty Shout Ability Warrior Fury Shout
66 Combat Stance Ability Warrior Arms Stance
67 Decimate Ability Warrior Protection
68 Raging Blow Ability Warrior Fury Talent
69 Ruthless Execution Ability Warrior Protection
70 Strife Ability Warrior Fury
71 Blitz Ability HunterMageRogueWarlock
72 Focused Heal Ability DruidPriestShaman
73 Legacy of Stormrage Ability DruidMage
74 Legacy of the Legion Ability HunterWarrior
75 Vigilant Guard Ability Death KnightPaladinWarrior
78 Burn Away Ability
79 Elune's Blessing Ability
80 Shattering Blow Ability
81 Strike Ability


Number Name Health Attack Cost Faction Race Class

20 Furious George 3 0 1 Neutral IconSmall Monkey Spell holy blessingofagility

54 Scalding Totem 1 0 3 Neutral Spell nature lightning Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman

56 Spirit Link Totem (War of the Ancients) 3 0 2 Neutral Spell nature magicimmunity Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman

206 Dungard Ironcutter 7 7 8 Neutral IconSmall EarthenSouth Warrior

207 Earthen Crusher 5 1 3 Neutral IconSmall EarthenSouth Warrior
Number Name Health Attack Cost Faction Race Class

21 Skitter (War of the Ancients) 2 1 3 Neutral IconSmall Scorpid Spell holy blessingofagility

59 Gaktai 1 2 2 Neutral IconSmall Imp Spell shadow metamorphosis

62 Nimanda 3 3 5 Neutral IconSmall Succubus Spell shadow metamorphosis

192 Neltharion the Earth-Warder 8 8 1 Neutral IconSmall Deathwing Inv misc questionmark

193 Peroth'arn 6 4 5 Neutral IconSmall Peroth'arn Warlock

203 Void Terrior 5 5 5 Neutral IconSmall VoidTerror Inv misc questionmark

204 Volatile Terrorfiend 4 3 4 Neutral IconSmall Terrorguard Inv misc questionmark

205 Warmaul Ogre 5 6 6 Neutral IconSmall Ogre Male Warrior
Number Name Health Attack Cost Faction Race Class

82 Alpha Prime 5 5 6 Alliance IconSmall Worgen Male Druid

83 Ansem, Timewalker Deathblade 4 3 5 Alliance IconSmall Human Male Death Knight

109 Rhonin the Time-Lost 6 4 5 Alliance IconSmall Rhonin Mage

119 Toraan, Eye of O'ros 1 1 2 Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Hunter

120 Virgil, Timewalker Marshal 5 3 5 Alliance IconSmall Human Male Warrior
Number Name Health Attack Cost Faction Race Class

121 Ahul Moonspeaker 4 1 3 Horde IconSmall Tauren Male Druid

122 Baine, Son of Cairne 8 8 8 Horde IconSmall Baine Warrior

122 Garrosh, Son of Grom 7 5 5 Horde IconSmall Garrosh Warrior

159 Xarantaur 0 0 5 Horde IconSmall Tauren Male Druid

160 Zarim Redskull 3 5 4 Horde IconSmall Orc Male Rogue

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