Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Official Secrets & Solutions
Warcraft Orcs & Humans Official Secrets & Solutions.jpg
Author(s) Ed Dille
Artist(s) Various
Pages 90
Publisher(s) Prima Games
Publication date April 12, 1995
Format(s) Paperback
ISBN 10 0761501436
ISBN 13 978-0761501435

The Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Official Secrets & Solutions book was published by Prima Games on April 12, 1995.

Description from Amazon

  • Deadly cheats from the locked vaults of Blizzard Entertainment
  • Detailed Military Strategies
  • Dirty Tricks for baiting your enemy into deadly ambushes
  • Economic Strategies for managing your resources and building your empire
  • Complete maps
  • Tips for downloading and using the free Warcraft Editor
  • and more!

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