Warcraft: The Board Game Expansion Set

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Warcraft: The Board Game Expansion Set
Warcraft The Board Game Expansion Set.jpg
Designer(s) Kevin Wilson
Artist(s) John Goodenough
Scott Nicely
Brian Schomburg
Developer(s) Fantasy Flight Games
Publisher(s) Fantasy Flight Games
Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Published 2004
# of players 2 - 4
Retail price US: N/A
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Warcraft: The Board Game Expansion Set was an expansion for the Warcraft: The Board Game.

Only the Ruthless Survive!

Warcraft: The Board Game receives its highly-anticipated expansion! The Warcraft Expansion Set includes a multitude of exciting and flavorful new options for your Warcraft board game experience.

  • New rules and components for the sixteen Warcraft heroes
  • Random “creep” encounters
  • New special race decks
  • New specialized board tiles
  • New scenarios
  • New resource system

For countless hours of brutal fantasy fun!

The Warcraft Expansion Set requires Warcraft: The Board Game to play.

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