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Warcraft Arclight Rumble
Arclight Rumble-logo.png
Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms Android, iOS, iPadOS
Release TBA
Genre(s) Mobile action strategy
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a free-to-play mobile action strategy game announced by Blizzard Entertainment on 3 May 2022,[1] where players build armies with their heroes and villains from Warcraft and battle it out in scenarios designed to test their tactical wits.


Modes include the single player campaign, dungeons, and raids. Players can engage in these modes in co-op, and battle against other players in PvP.[2] It is primarily a PvE game, and the game's campaign represents a number of locations from World of Warcraft, including Elwynn Forest, Duskwood, and Westfall. 70 PvE maps will be available at launch, each of which has a boss with a specific mechanic that players must find a way around.[3] Certain modes only become available after the play has retrieved enough skulls.[4]

The game also has a quest system, which involves playing old maps to gain experience for specific units.[4] The game's dungeon mode is a 3-map gauntlet with a single army. For every map, the player gets to pick one new relic. The relic has various properties, and can provide a troop-wide buff, such as increasing certain units' speed or health. After each successful dungeon is cleared, the dungeon will level up. Dungeons will only be available for a certain amount of time. Dungeons are also the only means of obtaining Valor, which is an in-game resource used to upgrade leaders.[4]

Arclight Rumble has been compared to the tower defense genre, but in the words of the developers, it is more of a tower offense game.[2]

A match will generally consist of the following aspects:

  • 1: Deployment: Use gold reserves to deploy minis on the battlefield. The player gains gold passively over time by mining and finding treasure chests.
    • The gold rate can be increased by deploying a miner to harvest gold.[4]
  • 2: Capture: Capture objectives such as guard towers and meeting stones, then use them to deploy minis closer to the objectives.
  • 3: Conquer: The player's minis will march toward the enemy leader to take them down.


Arclight Rumble uses a free-to-play model. It has been stated that it is not a "gacha game," and will not have loot boxes. Players will be able to purchase any unit they choose either with their own money or through in-game coins. The units can be bought in bundles.[3] Levels are purchased using in-game coins.[4]

The game will not have NFTs.[3]


Arclight Rumble has five factions, each of whose leaders specialize in a certain area:

  • Alliance Alliance: Alliance leaders support defense, healing, and stealth tactics, as well as heavy use of spells.
  • Horde Horde: Horde leaders encourage building momentum through earning additional gold, fast attacking troops, and enemy control with area of effect stuns.
  • Beast Beast: Beast leaders can disable enemy defenses, helping the player's forces quickly overwhelm the enemy. Others specialize with using a flurry of fast troops to swarm the enemy.
  • Blackrock Blackrock: Blackrock leaders reward the player for fielding heavy-hitting flying troops and searing elemental magic users.
  • Undead Undead: Undead leaders use powerful necromancy on the battlefield, allowing them to summon endless armies.

The game does not force players to choose one faction. Players can choose their leaders (and units) from all five to form a varied army.[3]


There are over 65 Warcraft minis to collect, including leaders, rank-and-file troop minis and spells. Different minis have different advantages in combat—flying troops are effective against infantry, siege troops deal additional damage to guard towers, etc. Each unit is classified as either ranged, melee, or flying, and the three form a rock-paper-scissors system.[3]

After each battle, experience is gained that levels up minis. Leveling them up unlocks the ability to use game-changing talents.


The leader is typically the most powerful unit the player will field. Each leader also has one leader ability that will affect offer units in your army while they are on the battlefield. For example, when Rend is in play, it costs one less piece of gold to summon flying units.[4]

Team Leaders


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Troops in-game include rank-and-file troop minis and spells. Each unit has three passive abilities called "talents," which can be unlocked over time.[4]

Team Rank-and-file troops Spells
  • IconSmall Human Male.gif Defias Bandits
  • IconSmall Human Male.gif Footmen
  • IconSmall Wildhammer Female.gifIconSmall Gryphon.gif Gryphon Rider
  • IconSmall HarvestGolem.gif Harvest Golem
  • IconSmall NightElf Female.gifIconSmall Nightsaber.gif Huntress
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifIconSmall Bear.gif Mountaineer
  • IconSmall Gnome Female.gifIconSmall Flyingmachine.gif S.A.F.E. Pilot
  • IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Worgen
  • Arcane Blast
  • Blizzard
  • Holy Nova
  • IconSmall Troll Female.gifIconSmall Bat.gif Bat Rider
  • IconSmall Troll Male.gif Darkspear Troll
  • IconSmall Orc Female.gif Frostwolf Shaman
  • IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Goblin Sapper
  • IconSmall OgreMage2.gif Ogre Mage
  • IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Stonehoof Tauren
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Warsong Grunts
  • IconSmall Orc Female.gifIconSmall Garn.gif Warsong Raider
  • Chain Lightning
  • Execute
  • IconSmall Chicken.gif Angry Chickens
  • IconSmall Gnoll.gif Gnoll Brute
  • IconSmall Harpy.gif Harpies
  • IconSmall Murloc.gif Murloc Tidehunters
  • IconSmall Wolf.gif Prowler
  • IconSmall Raptor.gif Raptors
  • IconSmall Spider.gif Spiderlings
  • IconSmall CarrionBird.gif Vultures
  • Polymorph
  • IconSmall Orc Female.gif Blackrock Pyromancer
  • IconSmall CoreHound.gif Core Hounds
  • IconSmall DarkIron Male.gif Dark Iron Miner
  • IconSmall DrakeBlack.gif Drake
  • IconSmall Earth.gif Earth Elemental
  • IconSmall DarkIron Female.gif Flamehammer
  • IconSmall Flamewaker.gif Flamewaker
  • IconSmall MoltenGiant.gif Molten Giant
  • IconSmall WhelpBlack.gif Whelp Eggs
  • Living Bomb
  • Smoke Bomb
  • IconSmall Abomination.gif Abomination
  • IconSmall Gargoyle.gif Gargoyle
  • IconSmall Ghoul.gif Ghoul
  • Inv encrypted05.png Meat Wagon
  • IconSmall Necromancer.gif Necromancer
  • IconSmall Zombie.gif Plague Farmer
  • IconSmall Skeleton.gif Skeleton Party
  • IconSmall Skeleton.gif Skeletons


When making Arclight Rumble, the developers took inspiration from tower defense games.[2] The game's unit roster was decided on the need to make the characters to stand out on small phone screens. As such, each model needed an identifiable silhouette, as well as a color-coded palette. The developers conciously chose factions outside the Alliance and Horde, as they wanted representation from across the Warcraft universe.[3]

The game entered internal alpha in mid-2021.[5] As of May 2022, there are no apparent plans to port the game to consoles, or to develop an e-sports scene.[3]

Notes and trivia

  • The in-universe conceit for Arclight Rumble is that in taverns across Azeroth, a mysterious machine has been found, powered by gnomish technology and "arclight." The machine depicts (in)famous battlegrounds where animated figures do battle for the users' entertainment.[2]
    • In the game's cinematic trailer, the users in question appear to be patrons of the Hearthstone inn, including Velaris, Urk, and a much older Ava.
  • The game's title forms the acronym "WAR." This could be a reference to the franchise as a whole.
  • Comparisons have been made between Arclight Rumble and Clash Royale. The developers have played a lot of the latter, but have stressed the differences of the former (elevation, leaders, and factions).[3]


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