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Warcraft II: Edition Game Manual is the game manual for Warcraft II: Edition that was published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Table of Contents[]

  1. Getting Started
  2. Troubleshooting
  3. Technical Support
  4. Tutorial
  5. Unit Commands and Combat
  6. Multiplayer Games
  7. The Multiplayer Setup Screen
  8. Multiplayer Game Templates
  9. Options & Preferences
  10. Spawning
  11. The Map Editor
  12. Legends of the Land (Azeroth)
  13. Creatures of the Land
  14. Resources of the Land
  15. Places of Mystery
  16. Map of Azeroth
  17. A Brief History of the Fall of Azeroth
  18. Nations of the Alliance
  19. Alliance Ground Troops
  20. Alliance Air Units
  21. Alliance Naval Units
  22. Paladin Spells
  23. Mage Spells
  24. Alliance Buildings
  25. Human Unit Dependencies
  26. Human Building Dependencies
  27. The History of Orcish Ascension
  28. Clans of the Horde
  29. Ground Units of the Orchish Horde
  30. Air Units of the Horde
  31. Naval Units of the Horde
  32. Ogre Mage Spells
  33. Death Knight Spells
  34. Orc Buildings
  35. Orc Unit Dependencies
  36. The Aftermath of the Second War
  37. Legends of the Land (Draenor)
  38. Clans of Draenor
  39. Map of Draenor
  40. Credits

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