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Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal cinematic intro

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Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal has a cinematic intro that recounts the end of the human victory in the Second War.



The Orcish Hordes lay vanquished as the triumphant armies of the Alliance stood vigil over the evil gateway that had brought the Orcs into Azeroth.

Calling upon the arcane powers of the Arch-Wizard, Khadgar, the fury of the earth and skies were unleashed upon the Dark Portal, to destroy it once and for all.

As the blinding light dimmed, an eerie glow fell across the Black Morass. For though the Portal was destroyed, the rift that joined these worlds at war yet remained...


  • The cinematic intro is mostly reused content from the human campaign victory cinematic in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.