Patch 1.30.0a
Version 1.30a
Release date August 9, 2018
Initial version 9922
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Patch 1.30.0 was a minor patch that was released on August 9, 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom abilities that have specialized targeting parameters no longer cause a crash
  • Network latency restored to 1.29 levels
  • -nativefullscr functions again
  • Mouse cursor is on point
  • Siege Engine with Barrage upgrade uses 4 food

Known Issues

  • Certain sounds are distorted

Balance Changes


  • Base Stats
    • Reduced spell effect duration on units from 10 to 9 seconds


  • Boots of Speed
    • Stock Maximum, Stock Replenish Interval, and Stock Start Delay reverted to 1.28