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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 1.31.1
Version 1.31.1
Release date June 10, 2019
Initial version 12164
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Patch 1.31.0 Patch 1.32.0
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Warcraft III patch 1.31.1 is a minor patch.

The patch was deployed on the Public Test Realm on June 7, 2019.

Known Issue[]

There is a problem patching from in game that may result in an infinite loop. WE are working on a fix, but you can use the standalone updater if you encounter this issue.

Specific Changes and Improvements[]

  • All natives are now zero-indexed

Bug Fixes[]

  • The game successfully regains focus to fullscreen after minimizing during download or lobby transitions
  • Custom maps appear on the game creation list
  • Browsing the game creation list no longer causes a crash
  • Lua maps no longer crash on save
  • Map data no longer corrupts on save
  • Illusion no longer deals 1 damage
  • Elf units set to patrol or follow during the night cycle no longer remain in Shadowmeld
  • Using Staff of Teleport on a possessed worker followed by casting Scroll of Teleport no longer causes a desync
  • Video options are saved when switching between windowed and fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter
  • Units\Creeps\Medivh\GenericGlow2_mip1.blp no longer missing
  • Objects\InventoryItems\PotofGold\GOLDCoin.blp no longer missing
  • (2)Terenas Stand LV - Each Dark Wizard replaced with a Renegade Wizard and a Rogue