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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The hotkey's listed below are from the back of the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Game Manual book.

On Mac® OS: Alt becomes Option.

List of Hotkeys[]

  • Menu Commands[]

    • F9: Toggle the Quest Log on/off.
    • F10: Toggle the Game Menu on/off.
    • F11: Toggle the Allies Menu on/off.
    • F12: Toggle the Chat Menu on/off.
    • Alt - F4 / Alt - Q / (Cmd - Q for Mac®): Exit Warcraft III.
    • Alt - O: Activate the Options menu.
    • Alt - S: Activate the Save menu.
    • Alt - L: Activate the Load menu.
    • Alt - H: Activate the Help menu.
    • Ctrl - M: Toggle music on/off.
    • Ctrl - S: Toggle SFX on/off.
    • Esc: Return to previous menu.
  • Game Commands[]

    • Alt (when held during a command): Override formation movement during an action.
    • Ctrl (when held during a command: Send action to currently active subgroup only.
    • Esc: Cancel commands.
    • Enter: Activate message prompt. Press Enter again to send message.
    • Shift + Enter: Activate message prompt to "All" players. Press Enter again to send message.
    • Ctrl + Enter: Activate message prmpt to "Allies" only. Press Enter again to send message.
    • Middle Mouse Button: Hold down to scroll game view with mouse.
    • Arrow Keys: Scroll game view.
    • Tab: Switch between subgroups.
    • Ctrl + <#>: Assign selected units to or buildings to group.
    • Shift + <#>: Assign selected units to active group.
    • <#> (zero through nine keys): Select assigned group. Two rapid presses center view on assigned group.
    • F1 - F7: Select corresponding Hero. Two rapid presses center view on corresponding Hero.
    • F8: Select idle worker unit(s).
    • Backspace: Cycle through town center buildings.
    • Spacebar: Center on last notification(s).
    • Ctrl - C/ Alt - C: Center on the unit with the active portrait.
    • Shift + Select Unit: Add/Remove unit from current selection.
    • Ctrl + Select Unit / Double-Click Unit: Select all units of that type in the game view.
    • Mouse Wheel Up / Page Up: Lower and zoom in the game camera.
    • Mouse Wheel Down / Page Down: Raise and zoom out the game camera.
    • Insert: Rotate camera to the left.
    • Delete: Rotate camera to the right.
    • Print Scrn: Save a screenshot of the game to your Warcraft III directory.