Warcraft III Invitational
WC3 Invitational logo.png
Official logo
Status Active
Genre Video game
Country Global
Inaugurated February 21, 2018
Organized by Back2Warcraft


Warcraft III Invitational is a special tournament event that was announced on February 21, 2018 to celebrate the release of a new major patch for the RTS game, Warcraft III. It includes a slew of special events, including Free-for All, 4v4's, and other friendly competitions.[1]

The first event took place on February 27 and February 28, hosted by Neo and Remo of Back2Warcraft.[1]


  • Neo [Observer] Germany
  • Remo [Observer] Germany
  • Happy [Undead] Russia
  • Foggy [Night Elf] Ukraine
  • HawK [Human] Russia
  • Effect [Human] Sweden
  • ReMinD [Night Elf] South Korea
  • Lyn [Orc] South Korea
  • FoCuS [Orc] South Korea
  • LawLiet [Night Elf] South Korea
  • Grubby [Orc] Netherlands
  • MaDFroG [Undead] Sweden
  • Insomnia [Human] Bulgaria
  • Tak3r [Orc] Germany


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