This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Warcraft III was the last game to feature connectivity to the original

The following are the various icons that appear next to usernames in the chatroom.

Ladder icons

Icon Description
Tier1-orc.png The default icon.

These are obtained by winning the indicated amount of wins for a given race.

Reign of Chaos

Wins Random Human Orc Undead Night Elf
25 Tier2-random.png Tier2-human.png Tier2-orc.png Tier2-undead.png Tier2-nightelf.png
250 Tier3-random.png Tier3-human.png Tier3-orc.png Tier3-undead.png Tier3-nightelf.png
500 Tier4-random.png Tier4-human.png Tier4-orc.png Tier4-undead.png Tier4-nightelf.png
1500 Tier5-random.png Tier5-human.png Tier5-orc.png Tier5-undead.png Tier5-nightelf.png

Frozen Throne

Wins Random Human Orc Undead Night Elf
25 Tier2x-random.png Tier2x-human.png Tier2x-orc.png Tier2x-undead.png Tier2x-nightelf.png
150 Tier3x-random.png Tier3x-human.png Tier3x-orc.png Tier3x-undead.png Tier3x-nightelf.png
350 Tier4x-random.png Tier4x-human.png Tier4x-orc.png Tier4x-undead.png Tier4x-nightelf.png
750 Tier5x-random.png Tier5x-human.png Tier5x-orc.png Tier5x-undead.png Tier5x-nightelf2.png
1500 Tier6x-random.png Tier6x-human.png Tier6x-orc.png Tier6x-undead.png Tier6x-nightelf.png
Tournament icons
10 75 150 250 500
Tier2x-tourney.png Tier3x-tourney.png Tier4x-tourney.png Tier5x-tourney.png Tier6x-tourney.png


Some may have been used in beta versions.

Human Orc Undead Night Elf
Tier1-human.png Tier5x-orc-beta.gif Tier1-undead.png Tier1-nightelf.png
Tier6x-human-beta.png Blacksphinx.gif Tier5x-nightelf-beta.png

Clan icons

Appear in the Clan tab.

Icon Description
Clan-orc-initiate.png Initiate/Probation
Clan-orc-member.png Member. Initiates become this
7 days after joining the clan.
Clan-orc-officer.png Officer
Clan-orc-leader.png Chieftain


Icon Description
Bnet-blizzard.png Blizzard employee
Bnet-squelch.png Squelched user
Bnet-chatclient.png User connected to through
non-normal means, i.e. not using a game.
Bnet-diablo.png User playing Diablo.
Bnet-starcraft.png User playing StarCraft.
Bnet-starcraftexp.png User playing StarCraft: Brood War.
Bnet-war2bne.png User playing Warcraft II: Edition.
Bnet-diablo2.png User playing Diablo II.
Bnet-diablo2exp.png User playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
Bnet-war3.png User playing Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
Bnet-war3x.png User playing Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.


Icon Description
Bnet-channelops.png Channel operator.
Instead, ops are represented with an orange border.
Bnet-unknown.png Unknown

Other games

The following appear in other games, representing Warcraft III players.

Avatar Appears in
W2war3.pngW2w3xp.png Diablo, StarCraft,and
Warcraft II: Edition
D2war3.gif Diablo II