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Warcraft II ranking board

The ranking board.

This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

In Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, ranks are titles given to the player at the end of the mission which indicates the player's score and how well they did in battle. According to the website: "Warcraft II uses a streamlined scoring system that reduces the chances of one player "padding" their score in a large multiplayer game. The key to achieving a high score is simply to cause as much damage as possible. Your total point score is based on the number and type of enemy units that you kill."

List of ranks[]

Human rank Orc rank Score
Servant Slave 0 - 2,000*
Peasant Peon 2,001 - 5,000
Squire Rogue 5,001 - 8,000
Footman Grunt 8,001 - 18,000
Corporal Slasher 18,001 - 28,000
Sergeant Marauder 28,001 - 40,000
Lieutenant Commander 40,001 - 55,000
Captain Captain 55,001 - 70,000
Major Major 70,001 - 85,000
Knight Knight 85,001 - 105,000
General General 105,001 - 125,000
Admiral Master 125,001 - 145,000
Marshall Marshall 145,001 - 165,000
Lord Chieftain 165,001 - 185,000
Grand Admiral Overlord 185,001 - 205,000
Highlord War Chief 205,001 - 230,000
Thundergod Demigod 230,001 - 255,000
God God 255,001 - 280,000
Designer Designer 280,001 or higher

Players gain 500 points for winning a scenario; the rest of their score is derived from the type and number of enemy units they killed and enemy buildings they razed, as follows:

Enemy units killed[]

Human Unit killed Orc Unit killed Points given
N/A Eye of Kilrogg 0
N/A Skeleton 0
Critter Critter 1
Attack Peasant Attack Peon 30
Peasant Peon 30
Gnomish Flying Machine Goblin Zeppelin 40
Oil Tanker Oil Tanker 40
Danath N/A 50
Footman Grunt 50
N/A Grom Hellscream 50
N/A Kargath Bladefist 50
Transport Transport 50
Elven Archer Troll Axethrower 60
Ranger Berserker 70
N/A Dentarg 100
Dwarven Demolition Squad Goblin Sappers 100
Knight Ogre 100
Ballista Catapult 100
Daemon Daemon 100
Khadgar N/A 100
Mage Death Knight 100
N/A Teron Gorefiend 100
Paladin Ogre-Mage 110
Turalyon N/A 110
N/A Cho'gall 120
Gnomish Submarine Giant Turtle 120
N/A Gul'dan 120
Lothar N/A 120
Uther Lightbringer N/A 120
N/A Zuljin 120
N/A Deathwing 150
Elven Destroyer Troll Destroyer 150
Gryphon Rider Dragon 150
Kurdran & Sky'ree N/A 150
Battleship Ogre Juggernaut 300

Note: A player is awarded 120 points for killing any of the Hero units introduced in Tides of Darkness, but the points awarded for killing Heroes introduced in Beyond the Dark Portal are the same as for the unit the Hero is based on (e.g. Danath is based on a Footman and thus worth 50 points). The exception is Dentarg, who is based on an Ogre-Mage, but worth only 100 points rather than 110.

Enemy buildings razed[]

Human Building razed Orc Building razed Points given
Dark Portal Dark Portal 0
Gold Mine Gold Mine 0
Wall Wall 1
Scout Tower Watch Tower 95
Farm Pig Farm 100
Elven Lumber Mill Troll Lumber Mill 150
Runestone Runestone 150
Barracks Barracks 160
Oil Platform Oil Platform 160
Blacksmith Blacksmith 170
Shipyard Shipyard 170
Foundry Foundry 200
Guard Tower Guard Tower 200
Refinery Refinery 200
Town Hall Great Hall 200
Stables Ogre Mound 210
Gnomish Inventor Goblin Alchemist 230
Church Altar of Storms 240
Mage Tower Temple of the Damned 240
Cannon Tower Cannon Tower 250
Gryphon Aviary Dragon Roost 250
Keep Stronghold 600
Castle Fortress 1500


  • If a player uses cheat codes at any time during a single-player mission or scenario, their rank (regardless of whatever score they accumulated) at the end of the game will show up as Cheater!
  • In Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the orcs had the rank of "Raider" instead of Knight like currently in Warcraft II.
  • On the victory screen, the player and enemy armies are always listed as the nation/clan assigned to the Team color used by the army in gameplay, regardless of whether or not they actually belong to it lorewise. For example, the Tomb Guardians in Tomb of Sargeras as listed as Kingdom of Lordaeron even though their army contains no Alliance units.
    • In custom maps and multiplayer battles of Tides of Darkness, players and enemies would also be assigned these faction names based on color. However this was changed in the Beyond the Dark Portal expansion.

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