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Character Information
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"A monster lurks in my veins... Threaten my people, and it will be the last thing you ever see."
Gender Male
Race(s) Worgen
Affiliation(s) Alliance
Location Broken Isles

Genn Greymane

King of Gilneas

Years of hardship and personal loss have not broken Genn Greymane; they have shaped him into a ferocious warrior, a cunning statesman, and a loyal ally.

After Genn Greymane became king of Gilneas, he pursued a doctrine of isolationism. He refused to join the Alliance, and he even built the colossal Greymane Wall to close off his nation from the rest of the world. In his hubris, he believed Gilneas could handle any threat that came its way, without the help of outsiders.

Everything changed when a horrifying curse engulfed his nation. The affliction transformed many Gilneans—including Greymane—into bloodthirsty wolf-beasts known as worgen. As the curse continued to spread, Sylvanas Windrunner and her undead Forsaken invaded Greymane's weakened kingdom. A large number of brave Gilneans lost their lives defending their nation… even the king's son, Prince Liam. Hardship after hardship befell Greymane and his people, until they were forced to flee their home and find refuge with the Alliance.

A lesser king would have crumbled in the face of these tragedies. Greymane did not. In the years since Gilneas's fall, he has become one of the Alliance's fiercest supporters. He has also learned to control the worgen curse in his blood and use it as a weapon. Though Greymane dreams of reclaiming Gilneas, he will first focus his efforts on securing peace for the Alliance. He and his people are prepared to fight with sword and fang against anything that endangers the Alliance, whether it is the Burning Legion or Sylvanas and her Forsaken.

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