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Character Information
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"We all be one in da Horde... bruddas and sistas, bound by blood and honor!"
Gender Male
Race(s) Troll
Affiliation(s) Horde
Location Orgrimmar


Former Warchief of the Horde

The Horde owes its current existence to the Darkspear troll leader, Vol'jin. His strength and wisdom almost single-handedly saved the faction from destruction.

Under Vol'jin's leadership, the Darkspear trolls became one of the first non-orc members of Warchief Thrall's Horde. Vol'jin quickly rose to prominence, becoming a trusted advisor to Thrall. In the years that followed, the wise troll played a part in guiding the Horde through crisis after crisis, and he earned the respect of orcs, tauren, blood elves, goblins, and Forsaken alike.

Then, Garrosh Hellscream became the Horde's warchief. His blind lust for combat troubled Vol'jin. The Darkspear leader believed that Hellscream's quest for blood and glory would bring ruin to the Horde, and so he openly challenged the warchief. Ultimately, Vol'jin and his loyalists led a revolt that helped oust Garrosh from power. Following the rebellion, the mantle of warchief went to the Darkspear troll. Vol'jin promised to right the wrongs of the past, and he vowed to restore the honor that the Horde had lost.

Yet Vol'jin was not destined to lead the Horde for long. After his faction had recovered from the rebellion, the Burning Legion launched a massive invasion of Azeroth. Vol'jin fought on the front lines with his fellow Horde soldiers, struggling to hold off the demons. In the midst of battle, he suffered mortal wounds... and his spirit later passed into the realm beyond.

Though Vol'jin is dead, he will always be remembered for his unyielding devotion to his allies, his unshakable honor, and his fearlessness in battle. These are the glorious ideals that he lived and died by—these are the glorious ideals that are the heart and soul of the Horde.

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