A Warcraft Unit Editor was added to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans as part of patch 1.20. It is accessed by running the executable file WAR_EDIT.EXE. It comes with a help file WAR_EDIT.TXT, which explains how to use it.

The editor has four functions:

  1. EDIT MEN: Allows you to change the Attack Range (only applies to units capable of ranged attacks), Hit Points, Attack Damage (Random and Minimum), Time to Build, Gold and Lumber Cost, Decay Rate (how long summoned creatures remain in play). Some stats, such as movement speed and sight range, cannot be changed.
  2. EDIT BUILDINGS: Similar to the above, but for buildings. Obviously, Attack Range and Damage do not apply.
  3. EDIT SPELLS: Allows you to change the range of any spell, if applicable.
  4. EDIT TECHNOLOGY: Allows you to change the time required to research any given upgrade.

A modified executable file called WAR_HACK.EXE will be created after you save any changes; you must run this file if you want to play a game with the changes you've made. If you intend to play a multiplayer game, both players must use the same configuration file.


  • While the editor uses the terms "Random Damage" and "Minimum Damage", these are rather inaccurate. There is no random factor involved in the damage calculations, the only difference between the damage types being that Random damage is reduced by the target's Armor, while Minimum is not. For this reason, the unit pages on this wiki use the Warcraft II terms Basic and Piercing Damage instead.