Warfronts are large-scale, 20-player cooperative PvE scenario confrontations, where the heroes' objective is to claim a key strategic location for their faction. Players build up their faction's forces, lead the charge as their troops lay siege to the objective, and battle enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this epic mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles.[1]

Special armor sets are rewarded for participating in warfronts.

Blizzcon 2017 panel description of Warfronts.

Warfronts list

The goal is to have a rotation of different locations by the time all the patches are out.[2]

An unnamed Southern Barrens warfront was prototyped early and isn't currently planned.[3]


  • 20 players cooperative raid versus NPC armies.
  • Fantasy anchored in Warcraft III RTS roots.
  • Gather resources.
    • Which you can place into whatever you'd like to help build.
    • Working together will help build structures faster.
  • Research upgrades.
  • Lead troops that spawn from the barracks, after building it.


Resource bars seen at BlizzCon 2017.

Similar to the RTS games that this feature pulls from, players will need to gather four types of resources: Leather (Warfronts), [Iron], [Wood], and Food (Warfronts).

In the live version of warfronts, only [Iron] and [Wood] are resources which the players have to gather. Food (Warfronts) and Leather (Warfronts) seem to have been scrapped during development.


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Construction Tables are located in front of individual buildings that can be built in a Warfront. For the Alliance in the Battle for Darkshore, they are replaced by Verdant Seedlings.

Troop production

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Research Upgrades

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Acquire Powers

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Players will have to establish a base that they will expand by gathering resources, similar to how it was done in Warcraft III. Every player will be able to deposit their resources in the building they wish to build, and when it has enough, it will be automatically built by peons for the Horde, and peasants for the Alliance. It would be advised if players agreed to build a building together, as if they do it this way it would be built much faster.

Once the buildings are done, you will be able to create an army, like in Warcraft III, that players will lead against the enemy, and also to defend the base against any attack. The objective will be taking down the enemy Commander, but be aware as there are different types of commanders. A dwarven commander may have upgraded rifleman while a human commander may have upgraded knights.

Like in Warcraft III, there will be neutral goblin merchants from which you will be able to buy materials. Also, there will be a research building from where you will be able to investigate upgrades for the troops and your base.

Once the enemy base is destroyed and the commander killed, you would have won the Warfront.

Notes and trivia

  • Armor sets for the Alliance and the Horde are planned as Warfront rewards.
  • Controlling Warfronts will change the zones they are located at, in favor of your faction.[4]
  • The amount of time you control a Warfront is based on the speed the enemy faction can gather the resources required to attack.
  • A script command exists in the live servers which hint at the existence of unannounced/prototyped warfronts; the one mentioned above in the Southern Barrens, another one involving an Alliance siege to the city of Silvermoon, and lastly a naval invasion to the Bilgewater capital of Bilgewater Harbor in Azshara.[5] However, in an interview, Ion Hazzikostas stated that these warfronts were an early prototype and weren't currently planned.
  • Heroic warfronts were not planned from the start and were added because players wanted a more challenging version.[6]


Warfront rewards


Patch changes

  • Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 (2021-11-02): Lowered the amount of players required to queue for Normal Warfronts from 15 to 5.


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