For the paladin mount, see [Summon Warhorse].


Warhorses are a type of horse used as war mounts. They are used by the Forsaken (and other Horde races if Exalted with Undercity), paladins and other players by other means.

They are trained to act counter to their instincts.[1]

Paladin Warhorse

The paladin ability [Summon Warhorse] is obtainable starting at level 20 from the paladin trainer and increases movement speed by 60%. The epic mount for paladins is called the Charger. The paladin will obtain Apprentice riding skill upon getting the [Summon Warhorse] spell from the trainer. Since patch 3.2.0, the spell no longer needs mana to summon the warhorse. It was previously awarded by a quest for free, but was then changed to be bought with gold like any other mount.

This was once again changed with the release of Mists of Pandaria; the mount-summoning spells are learned automatically, just like all other spells for the class.


Possessed of a noble spirit and deceptive intelligence uncommon among its kind, the warhorse is a regal charger that only the most inspiring of paladins can call to service. Once it pledges its service to a worthy master, the warhorse holds to its responsibility as a loyal mount and steadfast companion with a devotion that cannot be found in its lesser cousins. The paladins warhorse is more than a steed; it is a tireless cohort for its valorous master, carrying the paladin across Azeroth on a ceaseless crusade to vanquish evil wherever it may lurk.[2]

Forsaken Warhorse

The Forsaken warhorses are used in name only. The ones available are the  [Forsaken Warhorse] (Argent Tournament),  [Green Skeletal Warhorse],  [Ochre Skeletal Warhorse],  [Purple Skeletal Warhorse],  [Red Skeletal Warhorse], and  [White Skeletal Warhorse].

Argent Warhorse/Charger

Dame Evniki Kapsalis at the Argent Tournament Grounds offers the  [Argent Warhorse] to all players that have attained the rank of <Crusader> with the Argent Tournament. Paladins can also purchase an additional  [Argent Charger], another mount-summoning spell.

Celestial Steed

The  [Celestial Steed], available to all players, is said to be a supernatural warhorse.


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