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This article lists the races that are able to become warlocks, along with the lore behind each. As of patch 10.1.5, every playable race, with the notable exception of the Dracthyr, may follow the path of the warlock.

Alliance Crest Alliance[]

Human warlocks[]

Zenith Shadowforce

Zenith Shadowforce, a human warlock.

See also: Human (playable)#Racial traits

No matter how learned and knowledgeable, how wise and wonderful, how powerful and puissant, there is always one more sliver of power, one more bit of knowledge, one more secret to be learned by any mage. The Well of Eternity, a well of arcane magic, was a gate to the Twisting Nether, the ethereal dimension of the demons.[citation needed]  When the well exploded, the magical energies within scattered to the four corners of the earth, in an eternal rain of magic. Now the gate was not a single great well of power, but rather an infinite rain that continues to fall even today.[1] The first human mages began scratching at the doors of reality, beginning to summon creatures from the Great Dark, prying at the shut gates of Sargeras's prison. That was when those elves who had survived and changed themselves came forward with the story of how their ancestors had almost destroyed the world. They considered what the surviving elves had said, and realized that even were they to lay down their wands and grimoires and ciphers, that others would seek, innocently or less so, ways to allow the demons access once more to their green lands.[2]

Some say demons come to the weak-willed in their sleep and urge them to find old spells and make sacrifices. Sometimes it is to open the way for demons to come back fully. Others say demons want worshipers and sacrifices to make this world like it once was, bloody and violent, and only then would they return. But the assumption that the demons' victims are weak-willed is in error. There are more than enough venal farmhands who invoke a demonic force for revenge against a former lover, or stupid merchants who burns an invoice from a debtor with a black candle, badly mangling the ancient name of some once-great demonic power. But just as often there are those who walk willingly to the abyss, who feel themselves safe and sure and knowledgeable that they are beyond any blandishment or threat, that they are powerful enough to harness the demonic energies that surge beyond the walls of the world. They are in many ways even more dangerous than the common rabble.[3]

Mages such as Kel'Thuzad believed the orcs' warlocks wielded great power, power against which they had precious little defense. Others like him might have believed (and still might believe) that they have an obligation to learn to wield and counter the warlocks' magics themselves.

In Stormwind human warlocks practice their craft in secret underneath the Slaughtered Lamb.[4] To Varian, the king of Stormwind, it was always uneasy when those who worked with demons were pressed into service for the good of the Alliance, but they had certain spells—and certain creatures in thrall—whose efficacy was undeniable.[5]

Gnome warlocks[]

Mazar TCG

Mazar, a gnome warlock.

See also: Gnome (playable)#Racial traits

In times past, all warlocks in Khaz Modan were trained under the auspices of the masters of Gnomeregan. However, after the fall of the city, they were all forced to relocate into a "rat's hole" in Ironforge and to send their novices to Stormwind for training as King Magni decided to keep a careful watch on them.[6]

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Gnomes might have been the first among the races of the Alliance to study the dark arts, as their generally empiricist attitude and comparative moral leniency would lend themselves to studying demonic power as easily as anything else. Additionally, the Dark Iron clan might have influenced the gnomes slightly, as their shadowy sorcery was present in Khaz Modan since before the War of Three Hammers.

Dwarf warlocks[]

Thira Anvilash TCG

Thira Anvilash, a dwarf warlock.

See also: Dwarf (playable)#Racial traits

According to Gakin the Darkbinder, not many dwarves choose the path of the warlock, even going so far as to call a dwarven warlock "somewhat of an anomaly".[7]

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Ironforge dwarves were likely influenced to become warlocks by the newly indoctrinated Dark Iron clan. They were also likely taught by their Gnomish and Human allies. Many dwarves have been shown to use shadow and fire magic already, which proves that they may have already known much about being a warlock.

Worgen warlocks Cataclysm[]

Pyromancer Davins

Pyromancer Davins, a worgen warlock.

See also: Worgen (playable)#Racial traits

It is possible that a worgen might take up the warlock arts in order to trade the worgen curse for a different curse.[8]

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

As they were once humans, it is likely that they resumed practicing the dark arts as Worgen. The kingdom's isolation may have also contributed to the appearance of dark magi in Gilnean society, who eventually turned towards demonic powers.

Horde Crest Horde[]

Orc warlocks[]


Tarn Darkwalker, another orc warlock, and his voidwalker.

See also: Orc (playable)#Racial traits

The origin of orc warlocks lies with Gul'dan and Kil'jaeden, who taught the orcs the secrets of warlock magics.[9] The most spiritual of Draenor's orcs were the Shadowmoon clan, which was led by the orc shaman Ner'zhul. Ner'zhul was Gul'dan's mentor, and he taught the young Gul'dan how to harness the elements. Gul'dan was a talented pupil, and with his intelligence and cunning he took to shamanism readily. Gul'dan's hunger for power only grew when he encountered the demon lord, Kil'jaeden. Gul'dan was promised unfathomable power in the form of mastery over fel magic—the ways of the warlock.[10] Under his tutelage Gul'dan became an avid student of demonic magic. During the orcs' war with the draenei, orc shaman realized that the elements no longer heeded their call. As a result, Gul'dan showed a new brand of magic to his brethren, a terrible new power that reeked of doom, while striving to eradicate the orcs' shamanistic traditions. As more and more orcs began to wield warlock magics, the gentle fields and streams of Draenor began to blacken and fade. Over time, the vast prairies the orcs had called home for generations withered away, leaving only red barren soil. The demon energies were slowly killing the world.[11] The orc clans began fighting amongst themselves for resources. As fel abilities are fueled by the destruction of life the warlocks feared that no Orc would be left alive. This would serve to upset the delicate balance that allowed them to control the powers that they held in check and called upon to work their magiks.[12]

Gul'dan was eventually contacted by the corrupted Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh, who was possessed by the spirit of the Dark Titan, Sargeras. Medivh promised Gul'dan untold power if he helped him destroy the humans and reclaim Sargeras' body. Gul'dan eventually ordered stonemasons to build a portal that would allow the orcs to travel to Azeroth, Medivh's home world, and thus the First War begun. Medivh was eventually discovered to be possessed by Sargeras by his friends Khadgar, Garona, and Lothar, and was killed. However, prior to Medivh's death, Gul'dan probed Medivh's mind and discovered the location of Sargeras' tomb, and was sent into a coma as a result of being inside of Medivh's mind at the time of his death. While Gul'dan was in a coma, his puppet, Warchief Blackhand, who was the voice of the Orcish Horde, was killed by Orgrim Doomhammer and had his position as Warchief usurped. As an act of revenge, Orgrim killed the majority of Warlocks who destroyed their home world with their dark magic and for killing his friend Durotan. Gul'dan, Cho'gall, and a few lesser Warlocks remained, but when Gul'dan betrayed Orgrim on the eve of their final battle against the humans to gain the power Medivh promised him, all Gul'dan found was death, and Orgrim decided to chase Gul'dan and punish him and his followers for their betrayal, costing them the war, thus the amount of orc warlocks left was shortened.

An orc named Thrall ascended to the position of Warchief of the orcs and banned the use of warlock magic and necromancy but eventually allowed warlocks to practice their art. For a time Garrosh Hellscream had a unit of warlocks in his army but eventually he stopped employing them, possibly believing that they seek nothing more for orcs to renew their dependence of their foul magics. He eventually had warlocks executed in the Cleft of Shadows.

Undead warlocks[]

Your soul is served Felgrim

Felgrim, a forsaken warlock.

See also: Undead (playable)#Racial traits

The majority of Forsaken warlocks were most likely humans of Lordareon who were afflicted with the Lich King's Plague of Undeath. When the Lich King's power over the undead was slipping the Banshee Queen Sylvanas gathered those undead who possess free will and formed the Forsaken. Despite being freed from Arthas' control the undead warlock Maximillion believes that the Forsaken are still slaves but to a different master, which is a sentiment that might be shared with others. Those Forsaken who pick up the warlock arts might do so in order to feel like they're in control, seeking to have creatures serve them.[13] Many members of the Apothecary Society are warlocks or those who study demonic blood, which appears to have necromantic properties. In fact, it was the warlock Felgrim who collected the ingredients that formed the grim Plague used at the Wrathgate.

Some, if not all, undead might pick up the warlock arts in order to feel more alive: Even the dead might feel alive, with the warlocks' power coursing through them.[14] Undead warlocks have to tread very carefully when dealing with sacrificial magics though, their souls are imperfectly attached to their bodies as it is.

Blood elf warlocks Bc icon[]


Ulrac Bloodshadow, a blood elf warlock, and his succubus.

See also: Blood elf (playable)#Racial traits

Many of the stoic high elves, reeling from the loss of their ancient homeland, Quel'Thalas, have given in to their hatred and despair and embraced the dark side of their magical natures. Calling themselves 'Blood Elves' - these cold hearted refugees seek to expand their remaining magical powers at any cost - even if it means courting the infernal powers of the Burning Legion![15] The blood elves began to turn to the darkest parts of magic, abandoning the water and frost spells of the Kirin Tor for the fire and heat of what some people fear to be demonic magic.[16]

The blood elves had taken the ways of demons to fight demons—indeed, actually draining the magic from the demons like leeches.[17] The blood elven prince Kael'thas heard Lady Vashj's claim that the demon hunter Illidan Stormrage could help the blood elves with their addiction to arcane magic. His people were suffering greatly and felt that he had little choice but to search for Illidan in Outland alongside Vashj. They discovered that Illidan had been captured by Warden Maiev Shadowsong. Vashj and Kael'thas worked together to free Illidan, and then Kael'thas beseeched Illidan for a cure to the blood elves' addiction to magic. Illidan had a different proposal in mind, though: in return for the blood elves' loyalty, he would teach them how to drain arcane magic from other sources, including demons, and thereby feed their painful addiction. Grand Magister Rommath, who was in Outland with Kael'thas, was sent back to Azeroth, spreading the teachings of Illidan.[18] As the blood elves drew upon demonic energies it would make sense that the blood elves had warlocks summon and enslave demons which would be used to supply the blood elves with magic.

Troll warlocks[]

Uzak'zim TCG

Uzak'zim, a troll warlock.

See also: Troll (playable)#Racial traits

Troll warlocks date back to the Zandalari demoniacs, who seek to embody power outright and not just possess it. While warlocks tread dangerous ground in dealing with demons, demoniacs take it one step further. They allow demons to enter their bodies through an ancient and arcane ritual. Rather than let demons possess them, the demoniacs enslave the demons from the inside, absorbing the power of the beast for their own command. It is a feat very few are able to master and more than one has lost the fight, but the power they are able to unleash is worth the sacrifice.[19][20]

The Gurubashi Empire—which the Darkspear trolls were once part of—contained warlocks such as Hukku.

  • Unjari Feltongue, a Darkspear warlock trainer in Orgrimmar's Valley of Spirits, speaks of "dark an' horrid t'ings" which are "gibbering in de outer darkness". Her text also suggests that the Darkspear warlocks are aware of them and learned the warlock arts from them, suggesting a source of power outside the Burning Legion.
This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • It is possible that some Zandalari demoniacs became a part of the Gurubashi Empire. The Darkspear trolls who left the Gurubashi might have retained some knowledge of the demonic arts from the demoniacs or the Gurubashi warlocks.

Goblin warlocks Cataclysm[]

Traxel Emberklik TCG

Traxel Emberklik, a goblin warlock, and his imp.

See also: Goblin (playable)#Racial traits

Some Goblins see fel energy as a cheap and renewable resource and are willing to sell their eternal soul for the path of the warlock.

Other warlock races[]

Ogre warlocks[]

Ogre magi are rather common among the generic warlocks encountered in the world.

High elf warlocks[]

There also were high elf warlocks working for Athrikus Narassin prior to Cataclysm. Summoner Nolric in Dalaran is a warlock trainer, showing some high elves use warlock magic without defecting to the blood elf cause.

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Some high elves turned to this path after their glorious home of Quel'Thalas was destroyed in the Third War. This new breed of warlock seeks to control the powers that ravaged their homeland and use them for vengeance.[21]

Starting attributes[]

Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana
Alliance Alliance DwarfDwarf Dwarf Cataclysm 22 16 24 21 21 33 63 125
GnomeGnome Gnome WoW Icon update 15 22 21 26 22 44 53 200
HumanHuman Human WoW Icon update 20 20 21 22 22 40 53 140
WorgenWorgen Worgen Cataclysm 23 22 21 18 21 N/A
Void elfVoid elf Void elf Legion N/A
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron Battle for Azeroth N/A
MechagnomeMechagnome Mechagnome Battle for Azeroth N/A
Horde Horde Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf Bc icon 17 22 21 25 20 44 53 185
GoblinGoblin Goblin Cataclysm 17 22 21 25 20 N/A
OrcOrc Orc WoW Icon update 23 17 22 19 24 34 63 109
TrollTroll Troll Cataclysm 21 22 22 18 23 N/A
UndeadUndead Undead WoW Icon update 19 18 21 20 27 36 53 110
NightborneNightborne Nightborne Legion N/A
VulperaVulpera Vulpera Battle for Azeroth N/A