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A warlock trainer is an NPC that offers warlocks the opportunity to train abilities and reset their talent points.

In addition to warlock trainers, some locations also hold demon trainers. Demon trainers offer warlocks the opportunity to randomly generate a new name for any of their primary demons at a cost of 50g a time per minion. This is achieved by obliterating the existing minion, allowing the warlock to summon a new demon in its place.

Prior to patch 3.0.2, demon trainers were actually vendors of grimoires, used for training demon pets. Grimoires are not available anymore, since all demon abilities and spells are automatically learned as pets gain levels.

A general rule of thumb for finding the local Warlock trainer is to search the city's shadier establishments. Tucked away in dark streets and buildings are what you seek. Unsurprisingly, most guards provide directions to Warlock trainers with suspicion and contempt.

Alliance trainers[]

Location Warlock trainers Demon trainers
Anvilmar, Dun Morogh
(Dwarf starting location)
IconSmall DarkIron Female Saripal Smolderbrew (5) None
New Tinkertown, Dun Morogh
(Gnome starting location)
IconSmall Gnome Male Alamar Grimm (5) None
Kharanos, Dun Morogh IconSmall Gnome Male Gimrizz Shadowcog (15) IconSmall Gnome Female Dannie Fizzwizzle (14)
The Forlorn Cavern, Ironforge IconSmall Dwarf Male Larn Caverndeep (40)
IconSmall Gnome Male Thistleheart (40)
IconSmall Gnome Male Briarthorn (50)
IconSmall DarkIron Female Darba the Crone (50)
IconSmall Human Male Alexander Calder (60)
IconSmall DarkIron Male Keric Smolderblade (60)
IconSmall Human Male Jubahl Corpseseeker (60)
Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest
(Human starting location)
IconSmall Human Female Drusilla La Salle (5) IconSmall Human Male Dane Winslow (8)
Lion's Pride Inn, Goldshire, Elwynn Forest IconSmall Human Male Maximillian Crowe (10) IconSmall Human Female Cylina Darkheart (11)
The Slaughtered Lamb, Stormwind IconSmall Human Female Ursula Deline (40)
IconSmall Human Male Sandahl (50)
IconSmall Human Female Demisette Cloyce (60)
IconSmall Gnome Male Spackle Thornberry (40)
Training Hall, Stormwind IconSmall Gnome Male Laphandrus Voidheart (1-60)
IconSmall Human Female Evelyn Thorn (50)
Cataclysm Military District, Gilneas City (Worgen starting location)
Cataclysm Greymane Court, Gilneas City
Cataclysm Duskhaven, Gilneas
Cataclysm Stormglen Village, Gilneas
Cataclysm Livery Outpost, Gilneas
The Howling Oak, Darnassus
IconSmall Worgen Male Vitus Darkwalker (40) None
Lor'danel, Darkshore IconSmall Worgen Female Laera Dubois (25) None
Thelsamar, Loch Modan IconSmall Gnome Male Solbin Shadowcog (25) None
Sentinel Hill, Westfall IconSmall Human Female Deborah Fain (25) None
Theramore Isle, Dustwallow Marsh IconSmall Human Female Redia Vaunt (15-30) None
Wrath-Logo-Small Silver Enclave, Dalaran IconSmall HighElf Male Summoner Nolric (80) None
Legion Greyfang Enclave, Dalaran IconSmall Human Male Summoner Mazek (110) None

Horde trainers[]

Location Warlock trainers Demon trainers
Valley of Trials, Durotar
(Orc starting location)
IconSmall Orc Male Nartok (9) IconSmall Orc Male Hraug (9)
Darkspear Training Grounds, Durotar
(Troll starting location)
IconSmall Troll Male Voldreka (11) None
Sen'jin Village, Durotar
IconSmall Troll Male Gusini (25) None
Razor Hill, Durotar IconSmall Orc Male Dhugru Gorelust (37) IconSmall Orc Female Kitha (17)
Darkfire Enclave, the Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar IconSmall Orc Female Mirket (40)
IconSmall Orc Male Grol'dar (50)
IconSmall Orc Male Zevrost (60)
IconSmall Orc Male Gran'dul (50)
IconSmall Orc Male Kranosh (60)
IconSmall Orc Male Kurgul (45)
IconSmall Orc Male Murgul (60)
Goblin Slums, Orgrimmar IconSmall Goblin Female Kazrali the Witch (60) None
Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar IconSmall Troll Female Unjari Feltongue (60) None
The Barracks, Orgrimmar IconSmall Orc Male Kazak Darkscream (1-60)
Bc icon The Sunspire, Eversong Woods
(Blood elf starting location)
IconSmall BloodElf Male Summoner Teli'Larien (5) IconSmall BloodElf Female Yasmine Teli'Larien (5)
Bc icon Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods IconSmall BloodElf Male Celoenus (12) IconSmall BloodElf Female Daestra (12)
Bc icon The Sanctum, Murder Row, Silvermoon IconSmall BloodElf Female Talionia (40)
IconSmall BloodElf Male Alamma (50)
IconSmall BloodElf Male Zanien (60)
IconSmall BloodElf Male Torian (53)
Cataclysm KTC Headquarters, Kezan
(Goblin starting location)
Cataclysm Shipwreck Shore, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Wild Overlook, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Town-In-A-Box, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Sky Falls, The Lost Isles
Cataclysm Gallywix Docks, The Lost Isles
IconSmall Goblin Male Evol Fingers (6)-(10) None
The Pools of Vision, Thunder Bluff IconSmall Undead Male Delano Morisett (50)
IconSmall Undead Male Jensen Thomasson (50)
IconSmall Undead Female Morairania Horton (50)
Deathknell, Tirisfal Glades
(Undead starting location)
IconSmall Undead Male Maximillion (5) IconSmall Undead Female Kayla Smithe (10)
Calston Estate, Tirisfal Glades IconSmall Undead Female Maressa Milner (10) None
Gallows' End Tavern, Brill, Tirisfal Glades IconSmall Undead Male Rupert Boch (15) IconSmall Undead Female Gina Lang (10)
The Magic Quarter, Undercity IconSmall Undead Male Richard Kerwin (40)
IconSmall Undead Male Luther Pickman (50)
IconSmall Orc Male Kaal Soulreaper (60)
IconSmall Undead Female Martha Strain (20)
Bc icon Tranquillien, Ghostlands IconSmall BloodElf Male Summoner Fanorad (25) None
The Crossroads, Northern Barrens IconSmall Orc Male Chintoka (25) None
The Sepulcher, Silverpine Forest IconSmall Undead Female Bee Bruxworthy (25) None
Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows IconSmall Orc Male Kartosh (50) None
Wrath-Logo-Small Sunreaver's Sanctuary, Dalaran IconSmall BloodElf Male Summoner Calwen (80) None

Neutral trainers[]

Location Warlock trainers Demon trainers
Ratchet, The Barrens IconSmall Gnome Female Babagaya Shadowcleft (60) IconSmall BloodElf Male Matero Zeshuwal (50) IconSmall Human Male Strahad Farsan (50)
Bc icon Terrace of Light, Shattrath City IconSmall Broken Male Fel-Caller Guloto (70)
IconSmall BloodElf Male Summoner Durael (70) (Scryers only)

Patch changes[]

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Warlocks can now pay demon trainers 50g to destroy their old demons, thereby letting them summon new ones with, potentially more desirable names.
  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Demon trainers no longer sells grimoires for warlocks.