HordeWarlord Gar'dul
Image of Warlord Gar'dul
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 10-30 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar
Location Desolation Hold, Southern Barrens
Status Deceased

Warlord Gar'dul is the former leader of Desolation Hold in Southern Barrens.


He constructed Desolation Hold over a former Silithid colony, ignoring Crawgol's warnings. While in charge of the region, the Cataclysm struck. Under his watch, Honor's Stand was captured and Camp Taurajo was sacked, both acts being done by the Alliance. Following this Gar'dul decided to bide his time until he felt the Horde forces in the area were ready to strike back against the Alliance.

However Gar'dul would never get his chance to strike back against the Alliance for Warlord Bloodhilt had come to the region at the behest of Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. After combating the Alliance forces under Bloodhilt's orders, Horde adventurers were sent report to Gar'dul and tell him that Bloodhilt was coming to Desolation Hold. Upon hearing this Gar'dul becomes nervous and tries to convince said Horde adventurers that he has the situation well in hand. However when reminded about Camp Taurajo, he claims that supplies have become tight, he has a manpower shortage, and tries one last time to prevent Bloodhilt from coming.

When told that Bloodhilt is almost there Gar'dul goes even more nervous and convinces the messenger to set up a private meeting between Gar'dul, Bloodhilt, and the messenger in the northern tower in Desolation Hold. When Bloodhilt arrives he and Gar'dul have a short exchange where Gar'dul claims that he has reinforced the Horde's grip in the Southern Barrens. Bloodhilt correctly points out that it was the player that helped reinforce the Horde's control in the region. Gar'dul rebuts this by saying that the Alliance has received reinforcements from the Eastern Kingdoms and that he has been cut off. Bloodhilt interrupts Gar'dul and relieves him of command. Enraged, Gar'dul refuses and attacks Bloodhilt and the player but yields when beaten. Bloodhilt, furious that he yielded, asks him what part of "Victory or Death" did he not understand, before throwing him out of the tower window to his death.

Warlord Bloodhilt then assumes command of Desolation Hold.



This is Desolation Hold, <class>. Here we bide our time until we are ready to strike back against the Alliance.

Final fight

Warlord Gar'dul says: Thank you, <name>. I trust you will, ah, defer to my authority on this matter.
Warlord Bloodhilt says: So this is where you're hiding Gar'dul.
Warlord Gar'dul says: Hiding? Listen Bloodhilt - I've, ah, reinforced our grip on the Barrens.
Warlord Bloodhilt says: You cower behind your walls! If it wasn't for <name> here the Alliance would be marching through Mulgore.
Warlord Gar'dul says: But they've, ah, they've gotten reinforcements! From the Eastern Kingdoms. Whereas I've been, ah, cut off -
Warlord Bloodhilt says: Your excuses sicken me! Consider yourself relieved from command.
Warlord Gar'dul says: Relieved? Over my dead body!
Warlord Bloodhilt says: So! You DO have a spine.

Warlord Gar'dul turns hostile! Defeat him together with Warlord Bloodhilt!

Warlord Gar'dul says: Wait, ah - wait! I yield. I yield!
Warlord Bloodhilt says: Yield? You ... YIELD?
Warlord Bloodhilt says: What part of "Victory or Death" don't you understand?

Bloodhilt grabs Gar'dul and throws him out of the window!

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Leader of Desolation Hold
Succeeded by:
Warlord Bloodhilt