MobWarlord Kaz'jatar
Image of Warlord Kaz'jatar
Gender Male
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 45 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Felrage
Location Felrage Strand, Broken Shore
Status Killable

Warlord Kaz'jatar is a naga located at the Felrage Strand in the Broken Shore.


  • Fel Blade - Inflicts Fire damage to an enemy every 5 sec. for 15 sec.
  • Foul Trap - Creates a trap of Fel energies beneath the target. Any enemies still standing in the trap after 2 sec will be rooted and take Fire damage.
  • Incinerate Wounds - Incinerates the wounds of the target, healing them and then burning them for Fire damage over 6 sec.

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