AllianceWarlord of the Bleeding Hollow
Start Corporal Ironridge
End Corporal Ironridge
Level 10-30
Category Hellfire Peninsula
Experience 6600
Reputation Honor Hold +250
Previous Cursed Talismans
Next Return to Honor Hold


Bring Warlord Morkh's Shattered Armor to Corporal Ironridge in Expedition Point.


You have shown great strength and fortune, for you have delved into Zeth'Gor and lived! Now, let us hope your fortune holds, for I have a dire task to ask of you...

Warlord Morkh sits within the barracks of Zeth'Gor, commanding his fel troops against us. His tactics are as clever as they are cruel, and I must admit that his successes against us have cut deep. And so, <name>, I ask you to remove Morkh from his seat. Bring me his armor so that we might display it for our soldiers and bolster them.


You will receive:

  • +250 reputation with Honor Hold
  • 6600 XP (39s at level 70)


Do you have Morkh's shattered armor? Have you braved Zeth'Gor again?


You've done it! Morkh is slain! Now, we have a fighting chance against the fel orc beasts!

Thank you, <name>. Your aid to the war effort here is beyond measure.


On his death, the Eye of the Citadel will spawn.

A deep, bone chilling voice echoes from the Eye of the Citadel...
Eye of the Citadel says: How dare you trifle with my playthings, <name>!
Eye of the Citadel says: The orcs in my citadel will drink your blood and devour you!


  1. A [10-30] Cursed Talismans
  2. A [10-30] Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow
  3. A [10-30] Return to Honor Hold

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