Warn Bolvar!

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AllianceWarn Bolvar!
Start Lady Jaina Proudmoore
End Highlord Bolvar Fordragon
Level 37 (Requires 33)
Category Dustwallow Marsh
Experience 370 (or 2s 10c at 70)
Previous A [37] Survey Alcaz Island
Next A [37] Return to Jaina


Speak to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind Keep.


Although we don't have all the answers we might like, it's imperative that you bring our findings to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon right away!

He needs to know that the Defias have a powerful patron in Stormwind and that they're involved in the disappearance of King Varian!

I can use my magic to expedite your trip to Stormwind. Just speak to me when you're prepared to go, <name>


<Highlord Bolvar listens while you deliver Jaina's message.>

Are you certain? This is a very serious charge...


You will receive: 370 XP


Jaina's teleport is a serious time saver for the delivery quest "Warn Bolvar!".

Talk to Jaina after accepting the quest to get a free teleport directly to Bolvar!

Dialog between Bolvar and Lady Katrana Prestor after turning the quest in:

Bolvar Fordragon says: Lady Jaina would not send a messenger with such haste if she did not believe her information reliable.
Bolvar Fordragon says: With their newfound patronage and apparent role in the king's disappearance, I see no choice but to plan a renewed offensive against the Defias.
Bolvar Fordragon says: Convey my thanks to Lady Jaina and let her know that we will pursue the Defias and their backers until our liege is safely returned.
Katrana Prestor says: Don't be such a fool, Bolvar!
Katrana Prestor says: The Defias are little more than a band of thugs. We should be busy combatting Stormwind's real enemies instead of chasing baseless speculation!

With patch 3.0.2 this quest was updated. Jaina instead speaks dialog of the events of how King Varian Wrynn was captured.


This is part of the Missing Diplomat continuation:

  1. A [36] A Disturbing Development
  2. A [37] Defias in Dustwallow?
  3. A [37] Renn McGill
  4. A [37] Secondhand Diving Gear
  5. A [37] Recover the Cargo!
  6. A [37] Jaina Must Know
  7. A [37] Survey Alcaz Island
  8. A [37] Warn Bolvar!
  9. A [37] Return to Jaina

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