So long as I stand, you shall not pass.
Faction Alliance
Type Hero
Talent Protection
Professions Blacksmithing, Mining
Rules (1), Flip Warrax → Warrax has Protector this turn.
Race Dwarf
Class Warrior
Health 30
Set Heroes of Azeroth
Number 8/361
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Dave Dorman
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
So long as I stand, you shall not pass.

Warrax is a dwarf warrior from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. He once led a group against Onyxia, but was killed in the battle.


Quotes from him and references to him appear on the following cards:

  • "Wearing heavy plate is taxing enough without having to lug around another eighty pounds of ice." - Frostbolt (Heroes of Azeroth)
  • Though battered and bloody, Warrax simply refused to fall. - Last Stand (Heroes of Azeroth)
  • "Ye come back down here and fight like a dwarf!" - Levitate (The Hunt for Illidan)
  • "They stand no chance in single combat with me." - Defiance (Blood of Gladiators)
  • "I've got you covered." - Human Shield
  • "She's faltering! Press on!" Warrax called. He raised his hammer and charged." - Chink in Her Armor
  • Most who look into the face of death are overcome by fear. For Warrax, with the dragon bearing down upon him, fear was not an option. - Lead from the Front
  • His father had always advised, "Ye will always be short of leg, so never be short of breath." Yet Warrax wasn't sure outracing the elves and humans was his best tactic ever. - Quicken the Pace
  • "The end will at least be a respite from this heat," Warrax thought as he lay charred and broken on the cavern floor. He was a true hero, living his life and dying his death for others. - Sacrificial Meal