Not to be confused with Hall of Justice.

Warrior's Terrace

The Warrior's Terrace (also referred to as the Hall of Justice)[1][2] is a major central district in the night elf capital city of Darnassus, serving as a base for the city's warrior trainers, battlemasters, and the Sentinels. Most night elves of military status utilized the training areas here to hone their skills. There they had the use of target ranges and dueling grounds.[3] It occupies the easternmost section of Darnassus, located at the main gate leading out into the greater Teldrassil region.

The district protects Darnassus from violent incursions. Patrollers on nightsaber mounts guard the city's impressive gates.[4]

The Warrior's Terrace is accessible from the Craftsmen's Terrace in the north, the Tradesmen's Terrace in the south, and the Temple Gardens in the west. In addition to the large military presence, the terrace also hosts a large number of low- and high-level training dummies, as well as blacksmithing training and supplies.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

The Warrior's Terrace would be the venue for a garden party hosted by the aristocratic Taylenne Sweetsong at the time of the third invasion of the Burning Legion. Unbeknownst to the many dignitaries and dilettantes in attendance, their host was in fact a homunculus sent by the Legion to infiltrate night elven society. A Horde rogue working with Lilian Voss and the Uncrowned would ultimately infiltrate the city and assassinate Taylenne, bringing an end to the threat.[5]


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Notes and trivia

  • Darnassus's main graveyard is located just off the Warrior's Terrace.
  • As the fortified bastion contains the quarters of Shandris Feathermoon,[6] it is likely that it is a major headquarters for the Sentinel Army.
  • The terrace hosts many of the festivities for the annual Lunar Festival, particularly the fireworks displays.
  • It is uncertain whether most of the warrior trainers in Teldrassil, such as Alyissia, Kyra Windblade and Elanaria are directly affiliated with the Sentinels, as the vast majority do not have in-game titles and designations as such, and are generically referred to only as "warriors" in their quests, making it possible that they are more independent warriors, not unlike adventurers.

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