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For warrior abilities and talents on Classic servers, see Warrior abilities (Classic).

Warrior abilities are abilities used by warriors. Most abilities are available to all specializations, while some are specific to one (or two) specializations.


All warriors automatically learn the following spells at the specified level, regardless of specialization.

Ability Level
Ability warrior decisivestrike [Slam] 1
Ability warrior charge [Charge] 2
Inv shield 05 [Shield Slam] 3
Ability shockwave [Hamstring] 4
Ability warrior devastate [Victory Rush] 5
Ability defend [Shield Block] 6
Inv gauntlets 04 [Pummel] 7
Spell nature reincarnation [Taunt] 8
Ability whirlwind [Whirlwind] 9
Ability warrior battleshout [Battle Shout] 10
Inv sword 48 [Execute] 10/B Warrior [1-10] A Warrior's End
Inv axe 66 [Heroic Throw] 10


The three warrior specializations are Arms (melee DPS), Fury (melee DPS) and Protection (tanking).

For a summary of the character and strengths of each spec, see Warrior specializations.


Talents become available at level 10. They can be changed at any time outside of combat, except during a PvP match or Mythic+ dungeon. A talented ability cannot be changed while it is on cooldown.

Row 5 is locked until 8 points are spent, and row 8 is locked until 20 points are spent.

Class talents[]

Tier Talent Ranks Requirement
1 Ability warrior offensivestance [Battle Stance] 1 Arms/Protection only; Automatic for Arms
Ability racial avatar [Berserker Stance] 1 Fury only; Automatic
Ability warrior defensivestance [Defensive Stance] 1 Automatic for Arms/Protection
2 Spell nature ancestralguardian [Berserker Rage] 1 Battle Stance/Berserker Stance
Spell impending victory [Impending Victory] 1 Battle Stance/Berserker Stance
Ability hunter rapidkilling [War Machine] 1 Battle Stance/Berserker Stance OR Defensive Stance
Ability warrior victoryrush [Intervene] 1 Defensive Stance
Ability warrior rallyingcry [Rallying Cry] 1 Defensive Stance
3 Spell nature ancestralguardian [Berserker Shout]/
Spell shadow deathscream [Piercing Howl]
1 Berserker Rage
Ability hunter posthaste [Fast Footwork] 1 Berserker Rage OR Impending Victory OR War Machine
Ability warrior shieldreflection [Spell Reflection] 1 War Machine
Inv artifact bloodoftheassassinated [Leeching Strikes] 1 War Machine OR Intervene OR Rallying Cry
Ability toughness [Inspiring Presence]/
Ability hunter harass [Second Wind]
1 Rallying Cry
4 Warrior talent icon furyintheblood [Frothing Berserker] 1 Berserker Rage/Piercing Howl OR Fancy Footwork
Ability heroicleap [Heroic Leap] 1 Fancy Footwork OR Spell Reflection
Ability golemthunderclap [Intimidating Shout] 1 Spell Reflection
Spell nature thunderclap [Thunder Clap] 1 Spell Reflection OR Leeching Strikes
Ability ghoulfrenzy [Furious Blows] 1 Leeching Strikes OR Inspiring Presence/Second Wind
5 Warrior talent icon mastercleaver [Wrecking Throw]/
Ability warrior shatteringthrow [Shattering Throw]
1 Frothing Berserker
Spell shadow unholystrength [Crushing Force] 2 Frothing Berserker
Spell holy painsupression [Pain and Gain] 1 Frothing Berseker OR Heroic Leap
Ability fomor boss shout [Cacophonous Roar]/
Ability golemthunderclap [Menace]
1 Intimidating Shout
Warrior talent icon stormbolt [Storm Bolt] 1 Thunder Clap OR Furious Blows
Racial orc berserkerstrength [Overwhelming Rage] 2 Furious Blows
Inv throwingaxe 06 [Sidearm]/
Ability warrior intervene [Concussive Blows]
1 Furious Blows
6 Inv chest plate04 [Reinforced Plates] 1 Wrecking Throw/Shattering Throw OR Crushing Force OR Pain and Gain
Ability heroicleap [Bounding Stride] 1 Heroic Leap
Warrior talent icon bloodandthunder [Blood and Thunder]/
Ability thunderking overcharge [Crackling Thunder]
1 Thunder Clap
Ability garrosh whirling corruption [Barbaric Training] 1 Storm Bolt OR Overwhelming Rage OR Sidearm/Concussive Blows
7 Spell holy borrowedtime [Honed Reflexes] 1 Pain and Gain OR Reinforced Plates OR Bounding Stride
Spell nature shamanrage [Bitter Immunity] 1 Bounding Stride
Inv misc horn 04 [Double Time] 1 Cacophonous Roar/Menace OR Bounding Stride OR Blood and Thunder/Crackling Thunder
Inv axe 66 [Titanic Throw] 1 Blood and Thunder/Crackling Thunder
Ability warrior bloodnova [Seismic Reverberation] 1 Storm Bolt OR Blood and Thunder/Crackling Thunder OR Barbaric Training
8 Inv shoulder 22 [Armored to the Teeth] 2 Reinforced Plate OR Honed Reflexes
Ability rogue sprint [Wild Strikes] 2 Honed Reflexes OR Bitter Immunity OR Double Time
Ability dualwield [Dual Wield Specialization] 1 Double Time
Ability criticalstrike [Cruel Strikes] 2 Double Time OR Titanic Throw OR Seismic Reverberation
Spell nature unyeildingstamina [Endurance Training] 1 Seismic Reverberation
9 Warrior talent icon avatar [Avatar] 1 Armored to the Teeth
Ability warrior dragonroar [Thunderous Roar] 1 Wild Strikes
Ability bastion warrior [Spear of Bastion] 1 Cruel Strikes
Ability warrior shockwave [Shockwave] 1 Endurance Training
10 Spell nature mirrorimage [Blademaster's Torment]/
Warrior talent icon innerrage [Warlord's Torment]
1 Avatar (Arms only)
Ability warrior innerrage [Berserker's Torment]/
70 inscription vantus rune odyn [Titan's Torment]
1 Avatar (Fury only)
Spell frost chillingarmor [Immovable Object]/
Warrior talent icon thunderstruck [Unstoppable Force]
1 Avatar (Protection only)
Inv misc head dragon 01 [Uproar] 1 Thunderous Roar
Spell nature earthquake [Thunderous Words] 1 Thunderous Roar
Spell animabastion missile [Piercing Verdict] 1 Spear of Bastion
Ability bastion warrior [Elysian Might] 1 Spear of Bastion
Spell shaman earthquake [Rumbling Earth] 1 Shockwave
Spell nature unrelentingstorm [Sonic Boom] 1 Shockwave

Specialization talents[]

PvP talents[]

PvP talents become available at level 20. Up to 3 PvP talents may be active at any given time (with additional slots becoming available at levels 30 and 40).

These talents are active in the open world with War Mode turned on, as well as during instanced PvP. They have no effect in dungeons and raids.


Glyphs are items that can change a spell or ability's visual appearance. Most glyphs are crafted by scribes, are color-coded by class, and can be applied as early as level 11. They can be removed at any time outside of combat using Inv misc dust 02 [Vanishing Powder].

Glyph Used on
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of Burning Anger] Spell shadow unholyfrenzy [Enrage]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of Falling Thunder] Ability heroicleap [Heroic Leap]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of Gushing Wound] Ability backstab [Deep Wounds]
Ability backstab [Mastery: Deep Wounds]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of Hawk Feast] Inv sword 48 [Execute]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of Mighty Victory] Ability warrior devastate [Victory Rush]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of the Blazing Savior] Ability warrior victoryrush [Intervene]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of the Blazing Trail] Ability warrior charge [Charge]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of the Weaponmaster] Warrior talent icon innerrage [Recklessness]
Inv glyph minorwarrior [Glyph of Thunder Strike] Spell nature thunderclap [Thunder Clap]

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