This page lists current warrior-specific quests in World of Warcraft.

Exile's Reach

These quests are only available to warriors who begin their journey on Exile's Reach. For warriors who begin in other starting zones, [Execute] is learned by leveling up instead.

  1. B Warrior [1-10] A Warrior's End
  2. B Warrior [1-10] Hjalmar's Final Execution
    Reward: [Execute]

General class quests

The lower-level quest chains in this section do not need to be completed in order to start the higher-level ones.

Azuremyst Isle (Alliance-only)
  1. A Warrior [1-30] Strength of One
  2. A Warrior [1-30] Behomat
    Reward:  [Mercenary Greatsword],  [Mercenary Clout],  [Mercenary Sword], or  [Mercenary Stiletto]
Shadowfang Keep
  1. A Warrior [8-30] A Summons from Signilda Hardforge / H Warrior [8-30] Gormok Ogrefist (breadcrumb)
  2. B Warrior [8-30D] A Fitting Weapon
Blackrock Depths
  1. A Warrior [20-30] Meet with Signilda Hardforge / H Warrior [20-30] Meet with Gormok Ogrefist (breadcrumb)
  2. B Warrior [20-30D] A Dangerous Alliance

Class order campaign

Legion introduced a large number of class-specific quests centered on each class's class order and class hall. Rewards from the warrior campaign include access to the Skyhold class hall; three artifact weapons and an additional appearance for each; part of the Battlelord's Plate set; the [Battlelord] title; and, ultimately, the [Battlelord's Bloodthirsty War Wyrm] class mount.