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Stances were a type of buff that warriors utilized. Each stance offered different bonuses, and allowed the warrior to fulfill specific combat roles.

A warrior would choose which stance to be in at any time, and switching stances had a 1.5 second cooldown for all stances. However, switching stances did not trigger a global cooldown.

Before patch 7.0.3 there were 3 available warrior stances:

  • Ability warrior offensivestance [Battle Stance] (learned at level 1): An aggressive combat stance. Generates Rage from normal melee attacks.
  • Ability warrior defensivestance [Defensive Stance] (learned at level 9): A tanking combat stance. Decreases damage taken by 20%. Significantly increases threat generation. Generates 1 Rage every 3 sec while in combat.
  • Spell warrior gladiatorstance [Gladiator Stance] (a level 100 talent for Protection warriors only): A dauntless combat stance. Increases physical damage dealt by 5%, and replaces your Shield Block with Shield Charge.

Before patch 6.0.2 there was:


  • Stances could be switched while mounted.
  • Prior to patch 5.0.4, stances behaved as forms and restricted ability availability. This led warriors to "stance dance" in order to make full use of their abilities.

Patch changes[]