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Image of Warug
Gender Male
Race Centaur (Humanoid)
Level 44
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Magram
Location Desolace[74, 68]VZ-DesolaceBlip
Status Unknown
Companion(s) Warug's Bodyguard

Warug is a centaur quest giver located in Magram Village in Desolace. He was a leader[1] of the Magram, and acted as the spokesman for the clan[2] in dealing with Horde or Alliance aid against their enemy clans. He was fairly simple-minded, concentrating primarily on his tribe's quest for superiority among centaurs, but he also had a soft spot for gadgets and gizmos, his favorite being the Target Dummies crafted by engineers.

He was located near the base of the mountain range closest to the Magram settlement to the east, coordinates (74,68). He has been missing since the Cataclysm, most likely having been killed by the demons that invaded the area.


Forces of the Horde sent by Thrall to investigate the uprise in centaur activity encountered Warug, who told them of the origins of the centaur through the union of Theradras and Zaetar. Warug also told them how Theradras had empowered the centaur because she feared the Horde would drive them to extinction. The Horde allied with Warug and his Magram clan, who held no loyalty to Theradras, unlike the other clans, to suppress the other tribes. They then entered Maraudon and slew Theradras. Their victory halted the spreading corruption in Desolace and stopped the violent bloodlust in the centaur. With the Horde's blessing, Warug and his Magram clan became the leaders of the united centaur and led them to an age of tranquility. Yet none knew how long they would stay on the path of peace.[1]




  • "The Kolkar think they are strong, but we laugh at them! We laugh and we kill them!"
  • "The Gelkis think our centaur mother, Theradras, protects us. They are stupid. No one protects the centaur. The Magram do not need protection! We are the strongest!"
  • "Long ago, a little gnome came to Desolace. He had horses and a cart, and the cart held strange things. Funny things. Things that burned different colors. Things that moved and weren't alive. I killed the little gnome, but before that... he made me laugh."

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