Wasted Potential

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NeutralWasted Potential
Start Rosaine
End Rosaine
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Reputation +25 The Nightfallen
Previous N [110] Little One Lost


I heard rumors that you intend to leave the City... that there is another place for the Nightborne where we are not beholden to Elisande's insanity.

I wish to go with you.

I can offer my harp and my hands, as they are not wanted here.

Say the word and I will go with you through the teleporter and share my music with whomever awaits me on the other side.


I will follow you through. Thank you for allowing me to accompany you.
When the beacon is activated, she despawns.



Once Shal'Aran is more settled depending on how many questlines you've already done or do further, Rosaine can be found on the west side of the south alcove, playing for an increasing number of refugees sitting on the floor.


  1. N [110] Lady Lunastre
  2. N [110] One of the People
  3. N [110] Dispensing Compassion
  4. Complete all of:
    1. N [110] The Gondolier
    2. N [110] All Along the Waterways & N [110] Redistribution
  5. N [110] Shift Change
  6. N [110] Friends in Cages
  7. N [110] Little One Lost
  8. N [110] Friends On the Outside
    • Along the way: N [110] Wasted Potential
  9. N [110] Thalyssra's Abode

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