NeutralWatcher Leesa'oh
Image of Watcher Leesa'oh
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 10-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Cenarion Expedition
Location Cenarion Watchpost, Zangarmarsh[23, 66]
Companion(s) Buddy

Watcher Leesa'oh is a night elf quest giver located at Cenarion Watchpost in Zangarmarsh.

She's accompanied by her cat, Buddy. Lessa'oh seems to dote on Buddy, which apparently hasn't helped with his habit of scratching people. The other Cenarion druids don't seem to mind that Buddy is out of claw's reach.




Oh, pay no mind to Buddy. He won't hurt you, he just likes to scratch now and then.

He's just a big, loveable kitty.

Aren't you Buddy? Yes, you are, you cute, little thing. You're mommy's little baby, that's what you are!

Gossip Watcher Leesa'oh, why are you out here?
All things in nature exist in an interconnected web; an ecology. If we're careful not to disturb it, and simply observe, we may be fortunate to piece together the complex relationship between the diverse organisms around us.
Once we have that understanding, we can take the appropriate actions to ensure the wellbeing of all creatures. Interfere without that knowledge, and we'll surely cause destruction.
I am here to observe the complex interactions between the sporelings and the bog lords.
Hungry Bog Lord event
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  • Choking Wound - Entangles an enemy in roots, inflicting Nature damage every 2 sec. and immobilizing it for up to 10 sec.

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