Waterlogged Wreckage

The remains of unfortunate shipping, prey to any number of disastrous events at sea. The bits of wreckage may circle the seas for many months before finally coming to rest just off shore in coastal regions, and one man's loss is another's gain.

These circular water spawns function similarly to schools of fish ( [Oily Blackmouth],  [Firefin Snapper], etc), although the actual wreckage objects can make the circular boundary of them hard to spot. Wreckage usually spawns at the same places regular fish schools are found.

They may be 'fished' to salvage bits of wreckage. If the bobber lands within the circle, successful fishing will produce watertight chests, which contain a random selection of items, similar to land-based chest spawns.

Because the trunks fished from these often contain leather and bolts of cloth, tailors, leatherworkers, engineers and blacksmiths would be well advised to keep their fishing on par with their level.

Also known as Floating Debris.

Waterlogged Wreckage under the surface

Common Contents

  • The most common drop are Trunks (Watertight Trunk, Mithril-bound Trunk, etc.) The quality of loot inside depends on the level of trunk, which depends on the area's level. Trunks may randomly contain:
    • Trade goods (Bolts of cloth, Leather)
    • Potions (Healing and Mana)
    • Bags
    • Money
    • Uncommon items (armor, weapons, recipes)
  • Bloated fish ( [Bloated Mightfish],  [Bloated Redgill], etc.). A bloated fish can be opened to obtain:

Known Locations

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